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  1. 305? Are they 33 or 35 /12.50? Do they rub and/or have spacers? Looks great!
  2. I have K2Motor tails and love them. I've had a few random voltage fast blinks on really hot days but other than that I love the look of them.
  3. Cold Air and Exhaust

    Biggest difference will be sound. Which leads to a (slight) decrease in gas mileage... Mainly because you're gonna be giving it more throttle than usual to show off that new tone.
  4. I'm not the biggest fan of flares...But I think they look good with you setup.
  5. I use this one as well (in both of my vehicles)...I even use their home security cameras and love them! I also bought one of these $10 mounts that works well.

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