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  1. They loaned me a Equanox. It was transportation, but I'm not eager to buy one. I took it back today and got my Silverado back - for the time being. It doesn't feel any better to me, but at least I have my truck for the weekend and can hopefully get some work done.
  2. You're an ass. So, I see it all so clearly now - it's my fault! My first mistake was exercising my right and ability to make a decision and spend my own money. That not only makes me culpable, but also inflames your militant attitude against anyone you think might have more nickels to rub together than you do. I'm terribly sorry if you're not able to earn the level of income you'd like, but that might be more your fault and less mine. You're ugly f**king head will explode if you see the ZL1 I keep in the garage just for fun Sunday drives. It's also my fault because I didn't do exhaustive research. Google any make, any year, any vehicle and you'll find plenty of one-off horror stories as well as the reports of 'chronic issues'. I was familiar with the shake issue and was attentive to it, and it is still not conclusive that this is the root problem here. Yes, my picture is a lemon with a bowtie. I'm making a statement because I'm very annoyed. But it seems that you are in fact the troll. You seem to be the typical keyboard commando that is very tough and brave behind the veil of obscurity here. My hostility is toward GM, yours is strictly toward me - because that threatens your sense of self-worth (which I can't image could be much). Go be miserable someplace else.
  3. Thank you. I hope so too. I traded in a perfectly good 2017 "other brand" truck that I really liked on this Silverado, for several reasons that I still think were good. I love this truck very much - but they are sucking the life out of me with this, and I anticipate an uncooperative and uncaring experience from GM. I probably should research lemon law so that I can be ready to take that route. But even then, the process is the punishment. The customer loses no matter how it goes.
  4. Thanks. I absolutely love the truck, but having it in service all this time with them unable to fix it is very annoying and robbing me of the new car experience. I'm also concerned that every time they try things like removing drive shafts or suspension parts, they break seals made at the factory and put new stress on fasteners that now may or may not be to spec torque, etc. What possible problems might I have at 50,000 miles now that I wouldn't have?
  5. Actual photo of my brand new 2018 Silverado High Country. It's been at the dealer for about 2 weeks now - still has the temporary tag on it. I asked them to look into the vibration in the steering wheel. Haven't seen it since. I think the dealer is doing what they can and trying to fix it. But they don't seem to be getting any support from Chevrolet/GM. Nothing like replacing that new car euphoria with a good swift kick in the balls. #Chevrolemon
  6. Yep. Exactly why I bought my '18 High Country. Saved almost $20k with discounts and incentives. Was lucky to find one in Pearl totally loaded with High Desert Package, etc. Sure, I still have to use the fob to open the doors and put a key into a hole to start it - but other than that is has everything I could want. I don't yet care for the look of the '19s - I think they are trying to make them look too much like the crossovers in the front. A truck should look more like a truck. But the biggest reason I didn't want a '19 was because of the asinine engine shut-off "feature" they are putting on them. The worst thing you can do to your engine is start it... and this technology is a sham being sold to people so they'll feel good about themselves. I'll spend the extra $12 a year on the gas at the red light, and save the $1500 a year on a new starter and other damage.
  7. My new 2018 Silverado High Country has been in the shop about two weeks. I reported some steering wheel vibration at medium to high speeds and asked if they would check balance. Road force balance indicated the R/F was waaaay out of spec and they ordered a new tire. Day later - took it back for the tire to be changed, and I haven't seen it since. To their credit, the dealership is pulling out their hair trying to get this fixed for me, in fact it was the tech that wanted to keep it because he wasn't happy with how it was after replacing the tire. I think now he is on a personal crusade! But while I'm not unhappy with the servicing dealership, I am frustrated with GM that it cannot be diagnosed and fixed. I honestly thought the "shake" issue was resolved before the 2018MY, and I am still determined to remain optimistic. I paid a sh!tload of money for my High Country, and I don't think I'm out of line to have expectations. In fact, my truck has the $7,000 High Desert package option which includes magnetic ride control. Those are extremely expensive optional shocks... and they expect me to be happy with vibration??
  8. Thanks for the welcomes. Needs mud flaps, but trying to decide which style. Gator-back with chrome bowtie on front and chrome High Country on back seems like a cool idea. They also make painted ones to match color. Or should I look at aftermarket choices... hmmmm.
  9. Okay - problem solved. I had a hunch it would be something simple. I went to my local dealer and they quickly figured out that I just wasn't closing the lid hard enough. They also speculated that as the new seals break in some with use it will probably require less force to latch/lock them.
  10. That's a valid point, and I fully intend to let them know that I greatly appreciate any help they can provide. But I also like to be prepared for the contingency...
  11. I didn't establish a poor relationship with them. They established a poor relationship with me. But yes, I do hope that I can have the nearby dealership care for it and address warranty issues, etc. I'm just worried they will be pissed I didn't buy there. The auto industry has gone to hell.
  12. Thanks for that reply. That would be what I'd expect but it does not function that way. I guess it's another warranty issue.
  13. Not sure what you mean, but my use of the word cavemen was derogatory and implied that they have no intelligence or skill. You are certainly welcome to speak for yourself, but I do not count myself in that category.
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