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  1. You're saying that the back of the lightbar is causing my drivers side speakers to spew electrical noise? Ill try this out and see if it makes a difference. Appreciate your suggestion.
  2. I haven't tested to see if turning it on/off changes the noise. As usually it's at 50mph+.
  3. Hey guys, yesterday I had just gotten a 54 inch curved led lightbar installed with a simple toggle switch. After the install on the trip back home on the interstate, I was greeted with a very loud and annoying whistle/humm from the drivers side speakers. It wasn't like this before the lightbar install. And it creeps in about 45mph and gets drastically worse at higher speeds. It is not wind noise, it comes with static from the drivers side speakers. Any tips/dui help would be much appreciated as I do not feel like making the 50 minute drive back up town to fix maybe a simple issue. Any help would be appreciated.
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