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  1. Well It continues to do it every 3-4 days. Brought it back to the dealer and of course he couldn’t make it do it while he drove it for 3 minutes. So they told me there is nothing they can do until it does it for them. Problem is they would have to keep it for a week before they would feel it, so that’s going to be tough. For now I am waiting until the vibration gets bad again so I know I can make it reproduce for them again. I even had a Case number with chevy but all they did was open a case number, talk to the dealer, and come to the same conclusion. It’s been very frustrating.
  2. Your right, it could be worse. I just hate the fact that I’m having trouble convincing the dealership that the sensor is reading incorrectly. They must think I’m stupid, but your fluid can’t be colder than ambient temperature by that much.
  3. I have the same problem. These photos were taken on June 26th in Tampa Florida. Temps never even get close to 59 degrees that time a year.
  4. We’ll I got the truck back on Friday evening and for the first 20 miles I didn’t have any issues. Since then it has happened 3 more times and Ive gone about 130 miles now since the “fix”. I have to wait until after 250 miles according to the tech and if it’s still an issue, then it will get a new torque converter. So at this point I will just keep putting miles on it until then... Then back in the shop again.
  5. Well the guy at the dealership took it for a test ride with me and noticed immediately. He said it’s the torque converter shutter and the first step is getting the transmission flushed 3 times as per GM’s procedure for the fix. Then I have to drive it around for at least 250 miles after that’s done to see if it fixes the issue. If it doesn’t then they will swap out the torque converter at that point. I also explained to him about the thermostat and he saw that it was around 130. He seemed to think it was normal after driving all the way from work for 30 minutes. I finally convinced him that it will need to be changed out after I showed him pictures from the other morning. Can’t be colder than ambient air temp! So I will be bringing the truck in Friday morning to have the flush done. Hopefully this fixes it!
  6. I have an appointment scheduled Tuesday after noon to see what’s going on. Hopefully it’s just a bad sensor. Just have to figure out the random vibration after that.
  7. Good idea. I will try that after work today. It drives me nuts because I don’t wanna mess my transmission up with it overheating and the truck doesn’t even know it’s overheating.
  8. My only reason for thinking it might be related is because I was thinking the truck thinks the transmission is cold and adjust accordingly (shift pressures, etc). I know some people have also had issues with the torque converter.
  9. Long time guest but my first time posting. I bought a used 2015 Silverado 6.2l High Country with 33,000 miles on it back in March of this year. I started noticing that my trans temp rarely gets above 130-140 degrees. Actually this morning I noticed that it was 80* outside when I started my truck but my transmission temp was only 67*. Im not sure if it relates to my vibration I get randomly. My truck will out of the blue with out correlation to speed or in v8 or v4 mode just randomly vibrate until I give it gas or back off.
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