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  1. Mud flaps

    Up here in ny, (salt city, heavy winter) we have thick body color-matching super adhesive tape that covers where a rust ding has begun behind mudflaps. I can take photos if you want but it does work to null the rust in its tracks if ur interested.
  2. Coolant Flush

    Thank-you, I used 7 gallons distilled water after hose flush, but I included 24 fl oz of flush cleaner 1st.
  3. Big_Red

    1st truck
  4. Coolant Flush

    correct no petcock, pulled lower hose
  5. Coolant Flush

    Thank-you very much, I haven't gotten back to you but I did exactly this, used a tester and I am now protected to -40
  6. My plow kit encompasses the entirety of the bottom of the engine bay. I cannot get an arm through to reach the drain plugs (one on each side of the engine). I want to do a complete flush because foreign object are in the coolant. QUESTION: how imperative is it to drain said plugs? Can I achieve a thorough flush without draining the engine plugs? How? New member thanks you in advance.

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