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  1. JL fix 86 non Bose

    I agree I plan on eventually getting the twk88 I would like to have my front mids and highs on there own dedicated channels and also being able to adjust time delay and also sound imaging for my tweeters What's your setup?
  2. This is just an FYI This weekend I installed a JL fix86 DSP along with a 5 channel amp in my truck it's an 18 Silverado non Bose, and it was pretty easy and calibrated in less then five minutes automatically lowered the chime and warning volume!!! Comes with a cable to hook up a laptop and a CD for tuning your amp gains well worth the money no need for extra modules or adaptors
  3. So im thinking of using this and just checking to see if anybody has the fix 86 and there thoughts on it. It's going in a 18 crew cab Silverado non Bose thanks!

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