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  1. New brake line replacement kit

    I think you are missing the point of the kit. The pre-bent kits (Dorman, AC Delco, Inline Tube etc....) are designed to go exactly where those rusted lines are. Sounds like a good idea until you realize when the OE put those brake lines on the vehicle they had a bare frame to work with. It is easy to put those pre-bent kits on when nothing is in the way. That is not the job the mechanic is doing when they see the vehicle. To get those lines on after all the parts are on the truck the mechanic needs to take them off. This adds labor (cost) to the job. The most common parts that need to be removed are gas tanks and cv drive shafts. If those lines are rusting, how easy do you think those parts will come off the truck? Not very easily and that is why our kits have been selling like crazy. Yes, it is true the kit is more money but you save hours of labor time. The real truth is the EZ Fit kits save you money when you factor in the labor time to get the job done. Also the EZ Fit lines are made out of nickel, copper and iron, which is DOT approved. They won't rust and are easy to work with. All the fittings are black-oxide coated to prevent corrosion. The pre-bent kits have steel fittings that have been known to rust. Also, shops are replacing pre-bent kits within 2 years of them being put on. This will be the last time you do the brake lines on the vehicle if you use the EZ Fit kit. We guarantee that our lines won’t rust or we will give you your money back. . The EZ Fit kits are in a sturdy box that is 12"x12"x4" (deep). Each line is part numbered and the guide in the box shows you exactly where to put each line. Once you use the EZ Fit kits, going back to the pre-bent kits will be difficult. We currently have 65 part numbers covering the most popular GMC trucks. The next release will add 45 more bringing in the Ford, Dodge and Jeep applications. To see if your vehicle has a kit click this link: EZ-Fit® - AGS Company AGS Company.webloc The truth is that most vehicles will not be covered with a kit and for those jobs we recommend our NICOPP Coils and Fitting kit. If you need a flaring tool we have 3 to choose from. I have attached flyers that might help. Almost every WD and retailer carries our products because they are the best. Here is the Dorman installation video showing some of the parts that need to be removed: Dorman's Stainless Steel Brake Hydraulic Lines installation - YouTube.webloc The EZ Fit lines can bend around gas tanks and drive shafts so they don't need to be removed. EZ Fit Video: EZ-FIT® Complete Brake Line Replacement Kits - YouTube.webloc Thanks! C-1580_Web-Flyer.pdf 3_nicopp-flyer_C-770.pdf C-1690_REV_A_Web Ready.pdf

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