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  1. Door ajar

    It is actually not that tough of a fix. Found the door panel removal on YouTube and the harness is pretty straight forward unplug and replug. Took maybe an hour to remove and replace.
  2. Door ajar

    Update on mine. I pulled the entire wiring harness out of the door and did a continuity test. The green/yellow wire seemed to be an issue. Circuit 6134 Which is the linear interconnect network (communication with the BCM). Replaced wiring harness with GM#84290987. Problem solved.
  3. Door ajar

    So does this mean the dealership doesn't know what the issue is? They can't diagnose?
  4. Door ajar

    Power window motor did not solve anything. Not sure what next. BCM?
  5. Door ajar

    Have a new power window motor on its way. Hopefully get it replaced on Saturday, will update then.
  6. Door ajar

    Did this get resolved? My 2015 is having the same issue. Checked the harness and power seems to be getting to both the switch and the window motor. Also I swapped the switches out for the ones from a buddies truck. No change. Help please.

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