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  1. Oil pressure 6.2

    Mine has been low since day one. And every part has been microed. I originally posted to reassure the OP. I haven't worried about it yet but now you guys got me curious.
  2. Oil pressure 6.2

    Being in the desert and towing up big grades I was half expecting temperature problems so I put a 30 or 40 weight in it before I left.
  3. Oil pressure 6.2

    I have not logged temp, but I'm sure its probably scalding. Normal low for me is 12psi. This is just the lowest I've seen and probably is from the high temps and thus the only reason I took a picture. According to dealers 6psi is the minimum so apparently they don't care about anything above that. The corvette boards recite roughly the same. It should be noted that mine is a rebuilt motor as well and I'm more interested in whats normal in case I want to take it to the shop I had it built at. Some say cam bearings could cause this as well as an oil pump. I looked at other sites and they confirmed the use what ever oil weight that gets you 10 psi/1000 at 212 degrees reasoning.
  4. Oil pressure 6.2

    Here's a real hot idle after pulling a trailer up a monster grade at 70 plus. Less than 10psi. At normal operating temps I regularly see 12ish. Outside temp 110. I came on here for trans cooler suggestions and saw your post. Motor only has a few thousand miles on it and so this was my first towing trip.

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