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    2018 RCSB Silverado
  1. My favorite was the going from 250k miles to 3 miles 😂😂😂
  2. 2019 standard cab available?

    From what I've been told from my Chevy dealer it will only be offered as a standard cab long box in a work truck edition
  3. Centennial Rear Bowtie

  4. Centennial Rear Bowtie

    Not really looking to "sell" it. Anyone have something cool to trade for it? Brand New
  5. American Racing VN506

    I'm trying to convince myself. It's just hard to drop 1800 on wheels and tires if I dont know I'm going to like them.
  6. Does anyone have these on their lowered K2XX? I've searched everywhere and cant seem to find a picture except for on a 4 wheel drive with all terrains. Trying to stay with an old school look.
  7. Issues

    A tuner will void your warranty. You can not simply "reflash" it back to stock for service. There is a flash counter, it records every flash done.
  8. Newbie from Texas

    Got the bed cover on, pulled the block, and painted some handles for it this weekend.
  9. What head design

    You have cathedral port heads.
  10. Newbie from Texas

    Forum is a little harder to navigate from my phone than I expected, but glad to be back in a new reg cab. Picked up a grandpa edition 2018 RCSB 5.3 this past week. Going to go with a 3/5 drop and a set of 22" Black Rhino Kunene wheels shortly. Just did an debadge, iron wash, clay, paint correction and ceramic this weekend (I own a detail shop). Did Chevy Script bowtie also, ready to start to mod this thing

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