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  1. I don’t lock it any more than stock, actually bumped the MPH in a few spots. I just don’t leave it unlocked in low gears, I find it annoying.
  2. Let me hop on the PC and post some screen shots. What I mean is if you change the downshift table up 5 MPH, you will also want to change the upshift table. If at 25% throttle you command a downshift below 20 MPH in a given gear (and say it was 15 - that will make it downshift “easier”) if your upshift was 21 MPH that would make a fast downshift and shift right back up. I would bump the upshift up about the same amount, at least a few MPH. I have mine set up to stay in a low gear for MPH. Mid range has a reasonable downshift without having to stab the throttle
  3. Those are all in shift scheduling. Downshift MPH vs. TPS. For now, I would leave WOT tables alone and in the normal tables leave 100% alone. Also make sure you tweak the upshift if you make big moves on the downshift. You don’t want to make the transmission hunt between gears.
  4. Just go for it and make the investment. It is well worth it. While I can catch mine from time to time in an odd state, maybe 1-2x per month, it feels great otherwise. I really look forward to driving the truck. The odd spots can be there in just about anything depending on what you do during an active shift. Downshifts are still slow if it is actively in the middle of another downshift. The other day it actually barked tires shifting down to first on a slow roll WOT kick - I actually backed out a bit to stop it. That put a smirk on my face, but I dialed it back a little
  5. Yes it sucks for sure! It cost me $800 to tune my own truck and I already had the hardware. $200 TCM $200 TCM unlock $200 TCM license $200 ECM license Ouch! What are you trying to change the calibration for? Any specific issue?
  6. Attached are a few trim pieces for sale from my 2018 Sierra SLT crew cab. License plate bracket kit 23354525 $20 shipped driver/passenger front door trim (Black) 23433430/23433433 $50 shipped for pair Driver a-piller missing retention clip (Gray) 23463713 - make an offer Front grill GMC emblem with a few broken tabs - make an offer I can get more pics if needed, just message me.
  7. Here is my Sierra with blocks removed and co-workers Silverado with strut spacers (top) to level. He is working on getting new wheels and tires. I will try to get a pic of that, with it clean too lol
  8. He has the spacers at the top of the strut assembly. He bought it that way, so we don’t know much about it.
  9. Same height here lol The truck is fairly level (just removed the blocks), slightly higher in the rear but a good looking stance for me. I was going to put the leveling kit on, rear blocks back and then the 60 series tire. I read enough threads on ride quality and fuel economy impact concerns that I put that idea on hold for now. A coworked has a leveled ‘08 Silverado that I like the stance of better, more truck/4x4 looking, but he also has a more aggressive tire look that helps add to that. If I remember when I take the truck out of the garage I will get a bet
  10. If you don’t want to buy anything, you have two options (still going to cost $50-$150). Get new u-bolts and pull the rear blocks. Costs $50 and about 30 minutes. It is close to level but will still handle some tongue weight before the rear squats lower than the front. the other option is 2 inch leveling ket like the Rough Country one for $50. Tack on the cost of an alignment too. This will impact ride quality more from what I have read. It may also limit tire size. I am going to go with 275/60/20 tires on my setup when I need tires. I figured the extra tire
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