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  1. Found out how to do it this morning. Turn the system to the right vent setting and fresh air. Turn the system off. Press the recirc button and it works. Fan and AC stay off but opens the fresh air vent.
  2. The whole point is I don’t like running the system all time. I just want air to trickle to get some movement.
  3. FS: 2018 Sierra SLT woodgrain trim

    Floor mats sold!
  4. Ok thanks. I did press recirc with the system off/engine off and heard the actuator move. Maybe GM stopped doing this. I will check one more time tomorrow.
  5. Thanks. Yes, with it off I expect some fresh air coming through the vents. On cool mornings I keep the windows up and that airflow is just enough for me. I don’t need the AC, don’t need the heat. The fact that the airflow seems non-existant is causing the issues. It seems with the system off and setting it to not recirculate, it ignores that command.
  6. Thanks. I get that piece, but I feel like it’s just not venting at all. The point I’m trying to get at is when I’m doing 55 mph down the road I don’t feel air flowing through the vents like every other vehicle I’ve ever owned. There should be some sort of air movement I would expect.
  7. This feels like a real stupid question, but coming to work in the morning my windows keep fogging up. I normally ride with the AC off if the mornings are cool enough. I turn off the HVAC and I get the front window fogging. I press the recirculate button to get outside air in the cabin, but I don't really feel it flowing. So, question is, with the system off and button pressed to bring in fresh air, is that all you need to do to get fresh air in? In my Acura, if I turn the system off with fresh air on and set to floor vent, it will come through the floor vent. Not sure how the GMC works. Thanks.
  8. GMPP Borla Pipe Size

    Asking because I want to get different clamps and have them on hand when the exhaust arrives. Also trying to get info about tips. So it sounds like my OEM GMC tip won’t work since it is for 2.75”. Are there any GMC tips that fit 2.25”? Not wanting to put Borla branded tips on, really like the GMC one.
  9. Either I am horrible at searching or they make it hard to find, but I am trying to find the GMPP Borla pipe sizes. Reason is I want to use the lap joint Dynomax style exhaust bands over what comes in the kit. I prefer these for how well they seal and also don’t crimp the exhaust pipe. It makes future removal much easier. I am assuming it is 2.75”, but want to verify before ordering. I have not purchased the exhaust yet so I don’t have it to measure.
  10. SOLD: GMC Centercaps off 2018 SLT

  11. SOLD: GMC Centercaps off 2018 SLT

    Thanks. PM sent back.
  12. SOLD: GMC Centercaps off 2018 SLT

    Updated price.
  13. FS: 2018 Sierra SLT woodgrain trim

    Price update
  14. FS: 2018 Sierra SLT woodgrain trim

    Still available
  15. FS: 2018 Sierra SLT woodgrain trim

    Mine has a fixed cup holder this one can move. The USB outlets also went from 2 in mine to 3 on this one. If you just want the trim I will sell just that if you want.

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