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  1. I was hoping someone could tell me the torque spec for the rear diff cover (9.5”) and transmission pan bolts (8 speed). Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am looking for the right transfer case fluid for my Sierra with “auto” selection (if that matters). I know it needs Dexron VI, but I see a synthetic and what may be non synthetic. I was told it is part number 88865601, having a hard time confirming. That appears to be the one that does not say synthetic on it. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Transfer Case Fluid

    I am looking for the GM part number. Thanks for the reply though!
  4. Main reason I ask is I feel mine was louder tonight when I got home. Anyone notice varying noises? The buzz was louder tonight, was also after fairly hard driving in traffic.
  5. Any other ideas? If this is like mine, it is inside the transmission and isn’t evap system. Lasts about 20 seconds, you hear a solenoid click and then it stops.
  6. 2015 8 speed transmission noise

    Digging up an old thread... Has anyone identified what in the transmission is making this noise? I heard mine tonight and it was a bit louder than I have hear before. I assume it is some sort of circulation or purge pump, but would really like to know. You can hear the solenoid click off after about 20 seconds.
  7. Guys, I’ve been hearing what I thought was an exhaust leak on the driver side of my truck. Turns out the manifold to converter bolts were loose. I was able to get a little bit of a turn but not a whole lot. I snug them up for now but I was hoping to find the torque specs for them and also understand the seal type. If it is a metal seal I feel better about retorquing and moving on. If it is not a metal seal I will likely replace it. I am hoping it is just a relaxed seal after some heat cycles and miles on the truck. Not trying to go to the dealership for a $10 part under warranty.
  8. I have been getting annoyed with my auto light setting. If I go through a shady spot the interior lights dim and outside lights come on. The biggest pain is the inside lights. It is sunny, so I have my sunglasses on and can barely see. I end up having to constantly adjust the level with the dial. Every other vehicle I have you can adjust the auto sensitivity, but I am struggling to find it in the truck. Is it adjustable?
  9. I have not had much luck confirming the location of the 8 speed TCM for the 2018 Sierra. Does anyone have any descriptions or pictures? I have seen a few older threads stating it may be in the transmission, hoping wherever it is access ins't a pain. Thanks.
  10. TCM Location 2018 A8 Sierra?

    Thanks, not sure how I couldn’t find that searching though lol
  11. TCM Location 2018 A8 Sierra?

    Do you have a link to that? I don’t see it anywhere. I thought they only modified one you sent in.
  12. TCM Location 2018 A8 Sierra?

  13. Silver Trim Options

    I ordered the silver trim to replace my woodgrain, just not a fan, and notice the “symthesis” trim does not have the brushed look to it. Curious if some of the other Sierra trim levels have the brushed looking trim to match the 2018 SLT dash and any associate part numbers if so. Not that it looks bad, just hoping to find a match. Thanks.
  14. TCM Location 2018 A8 Sierra?

    Awesome, thanks! I like that answer, not looking to tear into this thing that much lol
  15. TCM Location 2018 A8 Sierra?

    Darn. Any info on how to get it out?
  16. Does anyone have any recommendations/links for lower door sill protection? Not sure of the proper name. As my daughter gets in and out of the back with her little legs, sometimes she catches the painted part without protection. I was thinking maybe a 3M film or something, but I have not see anything cut for it. Thanks.
  17. Lower Door Sill Protection?

    Thanks guys. I have put on door edge films and bumper appliques so I feel good about the install. Looks like I will order some standard stuff and put it on.
  18. Lower Door Sill Protection?

  19. Gas Pedal Flex Solution

    There is a cable at the top of the gas pedal that connects to the brake to move it. You can disconnect that to offset the gas more and then reconnect.
  20. Gas Pedal Flex Solution

    That cable goes to the brake pedal adjuster, by the way.
  21. Gas Pedal Flex Solution

    Removal was easy. First remove the pedal assembly. There are two plugs, twist lock plug and push in wire retainer. Loosen the 2 torx screws that hold it to the bracket. Once that is out, (3) 10 mm nuts hold the bracket with the adjuster. There are 2 plug in connectors, wire retainer clip and twist lock plug up top. Not sure what the top twist lock piece is, so be careful with it lol There are actually (3) washer you need to space out the motor at the (3) screws. If anyone knows what is connected up top on the positioner bracket let me know. I am curious.
  22. Gas Pedal Flex Solution

    Thanks for the post. I strarted to research some tuning info and came across this. The lag is miserable. My TSX I could just stick it to the floor, but the truck has a LITTLE more power Anyway, I don’t want to crack in to the tune quite yet and figured I would check this out. I feel a lot of times I press the pedal and nothing happens (exactly what this thread was showing as an issue). I have adjustable pedals and the lower bracket didn’t move much. I was still able to put an 1/8” rubber washer under the bottom right corner like the paint stick. Mine looked like it was rocking right, not necessarily having a gap to the firewall. What I saw on mine was when the pedals were all the way to the floor (where I keep them) the stops were not bottomed out. I ended up puting some washers (0.040” thick) between the motor and the plastic frame. See the picture where I am pointing. That took the slack out of the adjuster and nearly bottomed out the guides. I tried a rubber pad under it, but I guess the motor stops at high current draw and did not bottom out. There is still play at the top, but nothing like it was. I need to find a way to load the videos, half my accounts are inactive and closed lol
  23. Found out how to do it this morning. Turn the system to the right vent setting and fresh air. Turn the system off. Press the recirc button and it works. Fan and AC stay off but opens the fresh air vent.
  24. This feels like a real stupid question, but coming to work in the morning my windows keep fogging up. I normally ride with the AC off if the mornings are cool enough. I turn off the HVAC and I get the front window fogging. I press the recirculate button to get outside air in the cabin, but I don't really feel it flowing. So, question is, with the system off and button pressed to bring in fresh air, is that all you need to do to get fresh air in? In my Acura, if I turn the system off with fresh air on and set to floor vent, it will come through the floor vent. Not sure how the GMC works. Thanks.
  25. The whole point is I don’t like running the system all time. I just want air to trickle to get some movement.

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