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  1. Front license plate bracket sold!
  2. Attached are a few trim pieces for sale from my 2018 Sierra SLT crew cab. License plate bracket kit 23354525 $20 shipped driver/passenger front door trim (Black) 23433430/23433433 $50 shipped for pair Driver a-piller missing retention clip (Gray) 23463713 - make an offer Front grill GMC emblem with a few broken tabs - make an offer I can get more pics if needed, just message me.
  3. Here is my Sierra with blocks removed and co-workers Silverado with strut spacers (top) to level. He is working on getting new wheels and tires. I will try to get a pic of that, with it clean too lol
  4. He has the spacers at the top of the strut assembly. He bought it that way, so we don’t know much about it.
  5. Same height here lol The truck is fairly level (just removed the blocks), slightly higher in the rear but a good looking stance for me. I was going to put the leveling kit on, rear blocks back and then the 60 series tire. I read enough threads on ride quality and fuel economy impact concerns that I put that idea on hold for now. A coworked has a leveled ‘08 Silverado that I like the stance of better, more truck/4x4 looking, but he also has a more aggressive tire look that helps add to that. If I remember when I take the truck out of the garage I will get a better side view pic.
  6. If you don’t want to buy anything, you have two options (still going to cost $50-$150). Get new u-bolts and pull the rear blocks. Costs $50 and about 30 minutes. It is close to level but will still handle some tongue weight before the rear squats lower than the front. the other option is 2 inch leveling ket like the Rough Country one for $50. Tack on the cost of an alignment too. This will impact ride quality more from what I have read. It may also limit tire size. I am going to go with 275/60/20 tires on my setup when I need tires. I figured the extra tire height will help a hair (I think 1/2” on the radius) so it doesn’t look lowered and also fill out the gaps better. For the truck/4x4 look I like the leveling blocks for the front. For ease, cost and understood ride quality/fuel economy I like the rear block removal. I am short, so it lets me reach in the bed and under the hood too lol I think the front cones up a tick when lowering the back too, definitely avoids the plowing the ground look.
  7. Interesting point. It seems that could be part of the “sun load” logics from a quick search. I noticed the other day I had to bump up the heat when it was cool out. I had the sunroof open, so I assumed I got it too warm inside or too much heat on a sensor. I still don’t know where the actual temp sensor is, but seeing this post makes me wonder if it was due to the light sensor.
  8. Nick helped me out after I saw a post of his to PM him on oil. I will be changing my rear cover out to the PLM one and wanted to go back with something other than the GM 75W85. Guys have had good success with Amsoil so I figured I would give it a shot. I saw a few mention going away from the 75W85 helped with some of the odd clunks, so why not try it myself? Nick was easy to get in touch with over PM, got me pricing fast and my oil showed up today. I ordered it late Sunday night. I figured with Thanksgiving this week it wouldn't come until next week. Less than 48 hours from the time I ordered (on a weekend), that was FAST! The only problem I have is I am still waiting on the cover Thanks Nick!
  9. Thanks for the reply. Shipping isn’t terrible, about $100 give or take. Still half of what it cost new. Doesn’t help you though with it being rear exit. Good luck in your search!
  10. Thanks for linking. The pic at the bottom from GM parts says it is good for double cab standard bed. Verify with your vin, I will cross my fingers
  11. Borla GM Catback 19303333 2014-2018 Sierra/Silverado 5.3L Crew Cab Short Bed $400 for local pickup/cash (Charlotte, NC) Shipping optional for additional cost and through Paypal Dual rear exit exhaust, has bypass tube to improve noise in V4 mode when DOD is active. GM OEM Borla catback. Does not come with original driver side hanger bushing, but it will come with one that will be close. They are cheap to pickup/order at a local parts store or Amazon. Kit does NOT come with tips, even from GM tips are not included. The inlet is slightly over-flared on the inlet to the muffler, but it did seal fine for me. Worst case you will need to weld it after install. System has about 2000 miles on it. It is >50% off list price at GM discount sites (see stock photo, does fit 2018 as that is the MY it came off of). Message me with any questions. I can ship this if needed, additional costs required to cover shipping, but I will work with you on it. Shipping quotes I checked so far in the Eastern part of the country are $100 +/- FWIW, not terrible.
  12. Thanks DrPool! I just did this was I was incredibly annoyed there are no settings for this and my interior light would dim at 3 or 4 PM when I still needed sunglasses - suuuuuuuuuuper annoying! Sunset today in my area of NC is 5:20 PM. At 5:17 PM they came on after doing this mod. About the time I say lights inside should dim, they come on shortly after. I would rather them come on a tad late and off a tad early in auto. I ordered a new sensor on Amazon for $10 shipped just in case I messed up. AC Delco D1540J/13578464 is the part number that worked on my 2018 Sierra. I removed all the goop, though a little was stuck to the circuit board and I just left it. Very little was on the sensing element.
  13. I wonder if the box/tube design help reduce noise? Mine was past annoying.
  14. I post all that too now think through that will give me a positive pinion angle under load. I just keep confusing myself. Is it important that the front and rear are on the same plane or to maintain the proper differential angle at the U joints?
  15. All - just looking for a sanity check on my numbers here. I removed the rear blocks on the truck to level it with the front (I am short so it helped me reach in the bed too haha) and have been curious about the pinion angle. Most feedback I saw seemed to indicate the block removal would not be an issue. So here is what I finally measured to make myself feel better. This is on a 2018 crew cab, short bed Sierra w/Z71 package: Transfer case u-joint points DOWN towards the rear end at 4.8° Rear end u-joint points UP towards the transfer case at 2.7° The driveshaft angle is 2.4° sloping down towards the rear of the truck So if I look at front vs. rear yokes, I get a difference of 2.1° sitting static in the driveway. On my WS6 I always ran -2° of pinion angle so under load it would zero. It seems to be a general recommendation here as well for the truck. If I use the same logic here (if I can), I should be sitting just fine for loaded conditions. As I load it, the rear pinion will point up towards the transfer case more, bringing it closer to 4.8° plane of the transfer case. In that case, the rear pinion and transfer case would be in parallel planes. The driveshaft angle will be approximately 2.5° different at the u-joints. I *THINK* that should be OK, but looking for a sanity check.
  16. The downshift may have been fixed with a software update or relearn. Depending on the year, I see the early calibrations with much faster downshift times than mine. I moved mine closer, but it is still 0.100-0.200 seconds slower in spots. I checked the torque on mine. The driver strut was not to spec and some of the LCA bolts were slightly under. I have issues replicating, but I guess that is good. I only notice it on sharp turns when I drive into it hard. It just bothers me it happened 2x this week.
  17. Anyone find root cause on this yet? Just leaving home today and some other random times. It seems mostly on left turns. It is one good pop and done. I am going to check the bolt torque on everything in the front end. My question/worry is more around the front axle. I am in 2WD, but curious if there may be random noises from it. If I can get it to happen consistently I can try different scenarios. It has probably happened 5 times in the last 2500 miles, but just now 2 times in the last week.
  18. Anyone interested in a Borla catback for 2014-2018 crew cab/short bed 5.3L? I can’t ship it, but can meet locally for pickup, close to Charlotte Motor Speedway. It is in the attic, but I can get pictures if anyone is interested. It does not come with tips or passenger side bushing for the hanger (though I have one I could give with it that may work). There is a slight pinhole in one of the welds and I would recommend welding the inlet pipe to the muffler at the same time since the flare was a tad too large. PM me for more info or questions. Was around $1000 new. It has 2500 miles on it. Looking to get $600.
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