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  1. I'll second "econometrics" post... I also want to clarify some of the b/s folks putting about RAMs... They have their own share of problems just like GM/Ford but c'mon. 1. RAM air suspensions is a proven very reliable except for the the extreme cold climate (northern US/Canada). 2. RAM air suspension IS NOT for a better ride (RAM actually rides slightly better without air suspension). It is for maintaining an ideal suspension geometry under load or when towing (auto-leveling). That is why RAM tows much better and safer than Ford or GM. Plus a bit MPG saving by lowering at 65+MPH speed. 3. 2019+ RAM 1500 have similar max towing and max payload to 1500 GM/Ford (1,212 - 2,302 lbs for RAM vs. 1,500 - 2,543 lbs for GM vs. 1,125 - 2,309 lbs for Ford) - so spring vs. leafs suspensions setup has no adverse effect on capabilities. GM fans should really be proud of a superb 6.2 and 10 speed combo that is the best 1500 truck drivetrain available today (by a long shot) - and should really ask for the improved ride and interior quality.
  2. Agree, there's probably a survey for every possible permutations :-) What raises a suspicion flag for me on this report is that Silverado and Sierra got so much different results (being 99% identical trucks). I can't imagine that cosmetics can account for 4-5 places difference.
  3. 100% agree. ACC is a safety feature, and probably the most important one. If you use your truck as daily commuter (I do) - than it is indispensable. According to GM they will have a level 2 autonomous driving capabilities in 1500 trucks and didn't want to have a partial feature just for one year. Still not having this feature will hurt top trim sales. Remember: Denali/HC/Limited are highway cruisers and daily/family transports most of the time and things like ACC, sunroof, creature comfort, etc. matter.
  4. This is uninformed. RAM chosen world's best transmission for their truck instead of investing $B in development like GM/FORD (could not do it alone and the last GM effort with 8-speed for a short-lived fiasco). It is a smart strategy on RAM being a smaller up-start manufacturer. Just a note on transmission: the exactly the same 8HP75 2gen ZF unit is used by Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Aston Martin DB11, Aston Martin V8 Vantage (2019), BMW 5 series (G30/G31/F90), BMW X5 M (F85), BMW X6 M (F86), BMW 7 Series (G11/12), BMW X5 (F15) and BMW X3 30D (G01). Not a bad company... It was originally developed for BMW V12 engine. If it's good for X5M/X6M and top BMW 7 versions - RAM owners should be ok. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZF_8HP_transmission
  5. https://www.consumerreports.org/car-reliability-owner-satisfaction/car-brands-reliability-how-they-stack-up/ Just saying... for 2017 RAM is above GMC in reliability and 1500 is the most reliable RAM truck. GMC's 1500 is not. Both, however, GMC and RAM are at the bottom of reliability ladder...
  6. Just to bring a bit of sanity here... If you look at RAM forums they are chock full of people saying GM is crap, horrible quality (wobble, transmission, 1990s interiors quality), etc. Everyone apparently has a friend who dumped GM for RAM :-) Plenty of anecdotes of being stranded on highway with GMs... It is an absolute fact by now that post 2010 all three GM/FORD/RAM are roughly the same in terms of initial or long term quality, each tailored for a specific group of buyers. Remove fleet sales and all three sell about the same amount of trucks. All good for us the consumers!
  7. Here in CA, Sierra/Silverado still demanding ~MRSP (no negotiations).
  8. Thanks everyone for good info (even to those with clear insecurities). I live in Silicon Valley. I've never owned a truck, never actually owned an American car, never been inside a truck until few weeks ago, don't know anyone (friend, colleague, friend-of-a-friend) who owns a truck... So, yeah, my question was real and not a troll. I'm avid bass fisherman on CA Delta and tow my 21ft Ranger perfectly fine w/my Benz (which is great family car for 4 but totally overpriced). We're getting 7,000lbs Mastercraft watersport boat and I need a vehicle that can tow 10,000lbs safely - SUVs are out and hence my interest in half-ton trucks. I'm getting here that the major ding towards RAMs is their perceived lack of reliability relatively to GM/Ford. That's something to keep in mind... I've owned MB/BMW for the last 15-20 years. MBs are rock solid, BMWs are very finicky. I expect RAM/GM/Ford to be somewhere in between (hopefully). I actually like Silverado the best exterior/interior design wise, I like 6.2 engine, etc. (hence posting on this forum) - it's just killing me that it is so cheaply made inside and yet they are asking almost $65K for it.
  9. First time truck buyer - need some educated opinions. I'm currently driving $110K Mercedes GLS550 but I need much more towing power (above 7500 lbs provided by GLS or other SUVs) - so I'm looking at full-size trucks. Coming from GLS550 i'm looking at top 2019 trims at all major brands (F150 Limited, High Country, Denali, Limited/Longhorn). They all priced the same (more or less), have similar reliability and all major characteristics (towing, engines, transmissions, etc.). I've seen all trucks live (except for Denali), driven F150, LTZ and RAM 1500 Limited... I'm quite perplexed. RAM 1500 Limited/Longhorn interior is on par or **better** than my GLS550 in terms of quality, fit & finish and **especially** materials. I'm quite frankly shocked that $65K truck is more luxurious than my 2016 GLS550 I paid $110K for. On the other hand - LTZ has all the quality of $20K Kia with cheap plastics everywhere, ugly carpeting work, cost-saving-on-everything feel and 1990s leather upholstery. Has anyone at GM seen the floor-mats in RAM 1500?!? Even F150 Limited is a generation ahead of new Silverado/Sierra on interior. RAM 1500 also drives better than my GLS550 on regular roads (potholes, etc.) - it's less jarring and more isolated. So my question is: what am I missing since Silverado/Sierra are such strong sellers and more popular than RAM 1500 (and close to F150). Am I paying too much attention to interior or being too snobby?
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