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  1. Team, If you haven’t already gathered from reading this very long running and detailed forum; Phil Gamboa is the way to go to make sure that you have exactly what you need for a tow mirror install, upgrade or modification. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra SLE 2500HD. I bought my truck used and the previous owner added on the basic OEM tow mirrors with turn signals in the glass, heated function and the basic power glass function, nothing more. My truck did not have the factory harness with the necessary pinouts to make the signals in the glass work. Normally I wouldn’t care about having the glass turn signal function but since it was there and didn’t work it drove me crazy. After doing a ton of research I knew exactly what the problem was; I didn’t have the right wiring. I contacted Phil through the forum and he called me back right away. We had a discussion about what I had, what I wanted and what I needed; the guy knows what he is doing. I ended up buying the AM-2558332961 from AM Autoparts. These mirrors have the full works; turn signals & light bars side marker, LED spotlight, puddle lights and power fold. I did not have the power fold function so I bought the switch from GM parts direct for around 40 bucks; EVERYTHING works now. It’s a pretty cool upgrade. I ended up selling my old mirrors for $200 buck so the overall cost for the mirrors ended up being about $300. Also, these mirrors are the same exact mirrors sold by A1 Auto for far less; The exact same. Phil made/modified the harness to make everything work based off of our discussion; it was absolutely plug and play. Also, I did buy and install the RZY harness; you can find plenty of material and videos on this. The bottom line is this: Can you buy factory harnesses from Ebay, the GM factory or any other site, Yes. Will they probably work, maybe? If you want your mirrors to work exactly how you want them to, then contact Phil. You’re going to pay about the same about if not less for a product that’s made with detail, care and pride; you’re also supporting an independent hobbyist (I don’t know if I can say a business). The best part about working with Phil is that you can call or text him with any questions, issues (I did a lot) and he responds almost immediately; you can’t get that anywhere else. I hope this sums up many questions, ideas or notions about mirror installs, upgrades or modifications.

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