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    2006 Chevrolet silverado z71 4×4 crew cab
  1. Thanks, I found that a lot of guys are talking about black bear performance tunes and it's looking promising. One thing I don't understand is why they need to send me a new control module, it seems like the one I have could just be re programmed. I'm going to just call them and ask them, I am imagining I'll learn a whole lot in a 10 minute conversation. Thanks for the response!
  2. Can you let me know if replacing the steering gear fixes your problem? My truck has 285/70/17 w/ bf A/T, you described the way my truck is driving to the T. I just replaced every component on the front end, and upgraded to bilstien 5100's. I have about 5 degrees of play in my steering wheel in both directions too. I had a friend turn the wheel while I look at the shaft and the joints look fine, the play is at the input of the steering gear. I also checked my newly installed sway bar links and the bulbs are shot somehow, I guess that's what happens when you buy cheap parts online, I'll be replacing those tomorrow but I really want to fix the slop, so I'm interested to hear how this plays out for you
  3. So I want to go the route of custom tune. I bought my truck in July and the guy who sold it to me said the cats had been beat out. I talked to an exhaust shop and they said the government put a stop to them being able to remove the o2 sensors in the computer. Is there a tuner out there that will allow me to do this myself. It will be for 100% off road use so no worries there
  4. WTB Performance parts

    I have the same truck, and I am going to do an xpipe exhaust, and then buy a tuner, any suggestions on tuners/tuning without trashing my truck?
  5. 2006 Silverado Alignment Issue

    So I did almost the exact same work you did to my 2006 silverado 1500 4x4, and my issue is that after my alignment there is steering wheel slop when the tires are pointed straight. I was in the shop when they were lining it up and the little notches on the screen turned green and they were within a few degrees to 0 so I am pretty sure its aligned. When I took the pitman arm off I had to remove the steering gear from the frame, when I did I left everything connected but when I went to reinstall the steering gear I had to push it back up so at some point the shaft can translate. I am not sure if this is why I have slop, or if this could be where your problem is coming from but I figured I'd throw it up here in hopes that someone with more knowledge will see this and possibly enlighten us both. Let us know if you figure this out, it has me extremely puzzled.
  6. @Larry S I am having a similiar issue. I replaced the following on my truck: pitman arm, idler arm, idler arm mounting bracket, inner and outer tie rod ends, upper and lower control arms, and added bilstien 5100 shocks as the truck has reprofiling keys. Now that I put it back together and took it for an alignment the truck has play in the stearing wheel when the tires are straight. It's about 20° left and right. (hopefully that's not outrageous, I'm doing the best I can to estimate its plenty enough to notice but it's also not an insane amount.) When I rock the stearing wheel back and forth for the breadth of the slop the trucks stearing seems to not be affected. I am pretty sure I got everything back together correctly, however it is possible that I put the relay rod on backwards as you said that you did. Do you remember how you ended up figuring out you had it on backwards? Also if anyone has heard of this please, or has ideas please let me know, I'm pretty lost on this.

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