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  1. Nothing that I saw. But I did look into an LT4 corvette charger on my truck. Buy it used on eBay or car-parts.com and then LSA makes the kit for 2,300 to put it on. You could be looking around 4,300 or less for the full kit and if you buy there kit new its like 5,300. I thought that was a great option as well.
  2. So I did some calling around I am for sure that the gents at Edelbrock and everywhere else are tired of my calls and not spending money. But they were great, and answered all my questions. I found out I have to buy the tuner from sct and then email Edelbrock for the tune if I want theirs. Other than that I can go anywhere else to get a tune. But I think for now I will get edelbrocks because its slightly conservative and I want that for now since I only have 56,000 miles and don't care to beat up the engine for no real gain.
  3. I bought mine off of eBay but summit has it for 4759 only one left though PN 15680 it doesn’t come with a tuner
  4. Just bought an Edelbrock supercharger for my 2014 5.3 with out the Edelbrock tuner. Got an unreal deal of 4500 for it!!! Couldn't pass it up!! I search and couldn't find much information on getting a reputable tune other than black bear. Just wondering if anyone has a reputable shop in South Florida or a shop that uses HPtuners that would be good over email.
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