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  1. I may be interested if you still have it for sale. Price?
  2. I know for a fact that the battery registration process was in effect in 2008 for BMW's as my daughter's 528i needed a new battery about a year ago and I had to take it to the local BMW dealership to have the battery "registered" just as Retired Bob states above.
  3. Asking $550.00 but I can negotiate a little. Also, if I have to ship it, I have to figure a way to pack it and get a price quote to pass along to add to the final cost. Thanks for the interest!
  4. I just posted a factory tonneau cover that I am selling. Apparently, I can't post anything for sale as I have under 50 posts (bummer). It is a tri-fold cover that came on the truck (2016 Silverado LTZ) when bought brand new. I recently added a tool box and can't use this cover any longer but want to use the proceeds from the sale of this cover to throw towards the purchase of a shorter cover that will work with a toolbox. Interested? Just let me know.... Thanks!
  5. Thanks for that help! Much appreciated. I am located in central Alabama (guess I should update my profile to help answer those type questions). Just think only 48 posts to go until I can post it for sale.....
  6. Hey everyone, First time poster, long time lurker. I have a 2016 Silverado 5.3 LTZ with the short bed (I assume 5' 8" bed) that came from the factory with optional tri-fold tonneau cover. I thoroughly enjoy this driving this truck and have only had a minor electrical driver seat issue when it has rained excessively but that is not the point here. I recently purchased a low profile toolbox and, as such, I cannot use the cover that came with the truck any longer. My plan is to sell it and purchase a shorter cover that is made to cover a bed with a toolbox. I have read several threads on this site vendors that sell them but my issue is how to sell the current cover? Advertise locally on CraigsList or what? Seeing as though it was $920 accessory from the factory, I don't plan on giving it away but I know I won't get anywhere near that price for it nor do I expect to. It has the normal wear from the elements and I do plan to clean it and take pictures when I get ready to sell. Currently stored in my workshop. JUst throwing feelers out there to see what my options are at this point.
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