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  1. DUB1796, where did you purchase that box? The one with the GMC logo. Have you been happy with that? Thank you!
  2. I'll give it a shot! I know it is and odd feature attempt but we are loading and unloading cargo daily before and after the Sun. They more light and the less we have to do to get it the better! Thanks again, guys!
  3. Unfortunately, you cannot change the duration for when you unlock the truck while it has been sitting. And, the longest duration available for when you pull the key out of the ignition is 90 seconds. I started there first. Thanks, though!
  4. Thanks for the reply, cmysstailights! I have done that and it works great! What I am ultimately trying to accomplish is have all of those lights stay on up to the 10 minute "battery saver auto shut off" instead of going dark 30 seconds after the truck is unlocked.
  5. Anyone? In short I am looking for a way to trigger the cargo light with the unlock button on the key fob via a diode mod at the BCM. I would think it is doable since that light is triggered via a momentary switch on the dash. Press that switch, the cargo light comes on then the switch goes back to the original position. Press it again to turn the light off. Press the unlock on the key fob and the BCM gets a temporary signal to unlock the doors. Can I not diode that "unlock temporary signal" to the cargo light and have it activate. Just trying to get advice before I "just try" something like this. Don't want to fry the BCM. Thanks again, guys!
  6. Thanks for the reply 1SLOW1500! If you can help me figure these out you have a $50 Amazon card coming your way! I want to clear one thing up from the start because I did forget to mention the following item. The only reason my cargo light comes with the unlock signal from the key fob is that I have a diode mod causing it to come on with the reverse lights. So lets look at it this way... I have a 2018 Z71 and lets assume it is completely stock right off the lot. When the truck is just off and you hit the unlock on the key fob the headlights, parking lights and reverse lights all come on for 30 seconds and then turn off. When you have been riding and you come to a stop, turn the truck off and remove the key those lights come on for 90 seconds and then go off. There is no way through the settings to make either of these timers any longer. Therefore, cargo light aside, what it am really trying to do is make these lights stay on until the truck is either locked via the fob or until the 10 minute "battery saver turn off" is reached. Whichever is reached first. If that is figured out then the cargo light will do the same since it is attached via a diode to the reverse lights. Does that make sense?
  7. Good morning, guys! I followed the thread here by (FiBowHunter - Thanks!) that allows you to add a switch at the tailgate for the cargo light. Works GREAT! It got me wondering the following... Apparently, the cargo light is operated by a "normally open" pressure switch that simply gets a quick signal to ground when the button is pushed and released. Therefore, i wonder if you could do a "diode mod" between the "key fob door unlock circuit" and the bed light circuit to have the dome light come on when the fob unlock is pressed sending a quick signal to unlock the truck? NOTE: I know that the cargo light already comes on temporarily when the unlock is pressed. The problem is that it goes off after like 30 seconds or so and you can't change this duration. I would like it to stay on until i turn it off (or the 10 minute "safety off" kicks in) just as it would if I activated the cargo light via the interior switch. Also, on a side project related to this, I did a diode mod to have my DRLs come on with the cargo light and it also worked great! I would LOVE to have the parking lights come on with the cargo light as well. Does anyone know what circuit i would diode in to in order to activate the parking lights with the cargo lights? As you can probably tell i do a lot of loading and unloading of gear before and after the sun. I always need light!! Thanks guys!!
  8. Happy Monday morning, guys! I have done a couple of the "diode jumper mods" that I have found on this forum. Fog lights on with high beams and cargo lights on with reverse lights. I have had those done for a while now and they have all worked perfectly and I have had no issues. I would like to tap into the dome light circuit to power some exterior courtesy lights as well. They pull more power than the other mods so i am a little concerned that the dome light circuit might not be able to handle all of the power without causing problems. In doing my research I have seen people mention using relays for lots of things electrical. I don't know much about relays, but from what i understand they allow one circuit to trigger another while putting the "pull" on the battery as opposed to the circuit that was triggered. Assuming I understand that correctly, how would i go about wiring up a relay at the BCM to have the dome light circuit trigger another without fear that the dome light circuit could get overloaded? Further more, could I have the dome light circuit trigger two other circuits using a single relay? Thanks for any information!
  9. Thanks "tbarn"! That is the dome light circuit I was looking at. However, I did not want the puddle lights to come on when I activate the dome light manually from the inside. Do you know if that will happen if I tap these lights into that circuit?
  10. Anyone have any ideas? I want to wire it so my puddle lights come on when I open the door. I just need to know a wire that gets hot at the BCM when a door is opened.
  11. Happy Friday, guys! I installed aftermarket Boos Auto Tow Mirrors with the puddle lamps. They are wired to come on when the cargo light is turned on. I would also like them to come on when one of the 4 doors is opened. I thought about tapping into the dome light circuit (which does get triggered when the doors open), but I would rather not have them come on when i am going down the road and turn on the dome light for something. Therefore, i am looking for a circuit at the BCM that only energizes when one of the 4 doors open and goes back to sleep if all doors are closed? Anyone know of one? Thanks!!
  12. Thanks "no HD"! I very much appreciate the response! I will give it a try!
  13. Hi guys! I hope i can explain this question! I added foot well lighting to my 2018 and tied into the wire from the BCM that allows it to come on and be dimmed with the dash back lights (circuit 6817). Works great! I would also like for them to come on with the dome light. So, can i just splice the main wire leading to the foot well lights to the dome light circuit in addition to being run to the 6817 wire? In other words i would have a T-tap at both the (6817 wire "dimmable dash lights") and the (157 wire "Dome light") at the bcm. Both of those would run to the top of the main wire powering the foot well lights. Therefore, in theory the foot well lights would get power when when the BCM tells either circuit 6817 or 157 to supply power? I understand that there would need to be a diod running from both circuits at the BCM to the top of the main foot well wire so no power goes back to one circuit from the other. However, what i don't know, is what happens if the BCM has both curcuits hot at the same time? For example, the dimmable lights are on with the headlights. Then a door is opened in the truck turning on the dome light. Now the foot well lights are getting power from both circuits. Does that double the amount of power the lights are getting to 24V? Or, just have two sources supplying one 12V? Does that make sense? Thanks!
  14. Correct. E-rich1210 understands that. He is on to a way you could have the Amber lights do both (act as a running light as well as a blinker). Which is what i want. However, I have monkey wrench in it since i have done the mod posted above.
  15. E-rich1210...I did the diode mod found on this site that keeps the DRLS bright when headlights are on as opposed to dimming like they normally would. As a result, the DRLS stay on even with the blinkers on as long as the headlights are on. If the headlights are off then the DRLS go off when the blinker is activated. Makes sense? 1st world concerns, huh! Lol!

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