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  1. Since I got no hits for a trade, I'll be selling my sport muffler and buying the touring right from corsa. Muffler is like new. No dents or any defects. Its 3" center inlet/outlet. Sport sound level obviously. Located in Lehigh valley PA, 18078. Will still trade if you have a touring and want the sport. You can not buy just the muffler from corsa so this is the only way you can get ome of these. Only way they will sell you one is if you are the original purchaser of their systems and have proof of purchase to back it up. They charge $400 for just the muffler. I'm asking $350 shipped. If your local and want to meet, we can work out a different price since I won't need to pay for shipping.
  2. Got the muffler off and wiped down. As you can see it is like new. Will be for sale as the muffler only in a week or so if I don't get any interest in a trade.
  3. I have a corsa sport exhaust on my truck. I put a set of headers on and it is too loud now haha. The touring muffler would be perfect I think. If you have the touring and want a little more volume, we can trade mufflers and it will work out good for both parties. I am willing to help pay shipping on your end if needed. Just the muffler, not the whole system. Or if you are selling the whole system for a reasonable price let me know as well. Here is a pic of my muffler. Its dirty but I can assure you it will wipe clean with a rag and look almost new. Can and will clean prior to trade so it looks like you have a brand new muffler. Let me know what you got. I am located in the Lehigh valley PA. 18078. Willing to drive a little to meet, or like I said before, help out with shipping.
  4. When I was just leveled with a 285/65r18, I averaged 14-15 around town and to work, which is mostly back roads with only a couple stops. Then highway doing 70 I averaged 19-20. That was tuned by Lew and running 93. I'm now lifted 4.5" and running the same tires and my around town average is the same but highway dropped to 18 or so. That's all hand calculated. The dic shows 1-2mpg better than what I actually get. Highway it comes close though. A true 33 will be obviously taller than what I run. And depending on tire also heavier. Edit: I have 3.42 gears, so if you have a different ratio, basically none of my numbers would be relatable
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