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  1. WiFi

    I don’t think it connects automatically. I always manually select my home WiFi. I’m not real patient so it’s possible I haven’t waited long enough for it to connect on its own.
  2. Software Update

    How did you receive notice of a software update? I want to make sure I’m not missing something. I’m hoping for one that makes the infotainment center connect and operate a little faster. Mine is really slow to startup and to connect to my phone. Just seems clunky sometimes.
  3. Spray In Bedliner

    I’ve got a Sierra AT4 with the spray in bedliner. The quality is good and I like the AT4 logo in the front wall of the bed. I’ve had a Linex after market liner in a previous truck. The quality and texture of the factory liner seems similar to Linex. The only issue I see on mine is a few frayed spots along front edge where the bed meets the cab. Looks like it was masked and when tape was removed the edge didn’t come out perfect. If I decide to fix it, I think I can clean it up fine with a razor blade. You have to really look closely and from the right angle to see the issue. I think having the Chevy emblem, AT4, Denali, etc embedded in front wall is a nice look. I’m not sure if you can get that with aftermarket. If you can get the emblem in the front wall of bed with an aftermarket application, it would just be a price/convenience question. Quality seems very similar to aftermarket.
  4. Yep. Just found it. Thanks.
  5. Found the answer. Key is built into key fob.
  6. Question: I noticed today that it appears an ignition key is needed to remove the spare tire lock cap. The online version of the owners manual seems to confirm this. I didn’t receive an ignition key with my 2019 AT4, just two key fobs. Am I missing something on accessing the spare tire or should I have received something resembling a traditional ignition key?
  7. It may see light mud but no rocks. Thanks.

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