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  1. I put this kit on my 2015 except for the rear blocks, I bought the Zone add a leaf instead. I also used my stock 20" wheels and have 275/65 tires. I put Kryptonite upper control arms on and couldn't be happier. The ride is excellent on and off road. I do get minor rubbing at full lock though. Spacers or new wheels are probably in the near future.
  2. I finally got a reply back from Tuff Country. They said I need to bend the brackets on my truck out and if I needed to I could put the control arms in a vice and bend them together a little bit. So after an hour of hammering on my truck I put the arms in the vice and bent them enough to fit. Ha ha, not. I packaged them up and sent them back. Bought some Kryptonite arms and those fit perfectly.
  3. I did send Tuff Country those pictures. They are still "investigating". I thought the same thing. They will probably be going back.
  4. I'm putting a 3" level kit on my truck and changing upper control arms at the same time. The problem I ran into is after I removed the stock cast arms and tried to install the new Tuff country arms they didn't fit into the brackets on the truck. I checked the part number of the new arms to make sure I didn't order the wrong ones, they are correct for my truck. Measuring the stock arms, they are 13 1/4" to the outside. The tough Country arms are 13 3/4" to the outside. I called the place I bought them from and the tech guy said I needed to spread the brackets wider on the truck and that this happens all the time. Strange, because every video I see online never mentions spreading the brackets wider. I have contacted Tuff Country directly and they are supposed to be looking into it. Has anybody ran into this problem or am I completely overlooking something?
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