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  1. I’m not doubting you, but why would it be programmed to work this way? So each time you use the seat heat you have to remember to switch it off before shutting off the vehicle; then the seat heat will come on with remote start either Fob or App?
  2. Just an observation this evening. Have a 2017 Suburban, 3500 miles (purchased Jan, 2018). Temp outside this evening after work was -18*. Running original Synthetic 0w20 I believe, has not been changed yet (changing oil soon). Hit the start button and up and running. Oil pressure rolled up to 40, then a few seconds later rolled up to 60. It stayed at 60 for 10-15 seconds then ticked down to 50, stopped there for a second then down to 40. When its “warm” it’s normally at 40 (+/- 3), so anywhere from 37-43ish. Was just curious if this was normal? First time starting in that cold of weather, have never seen it do that before. I’m sure others have been in much worse so looking for other experiences. I have a diesel truck that simply starts at a higher pressure when it’s cold then slowly moves down. Have never seen a gasser move like this, and fairly quick between the movements. It wasn’t a slow increase or decrease. High temp for tomorrow is -16 so will be closer to -20+ when started tomorrow night. Will watch it again.
  3. Correct. Needs to be below the “top” gear. Depending on what vehicle/model user F4Gary has, if he has the 8-sp tranny for him 6 or 7 would work. It also goes in to V4 mode with tow-haul on unfortunately. I wish there was a DIC selection to turn it off rather than spending money on a device.
  4. Any new issues? Not instilling much confidence in my 2017 Burb. I let go of a 2009 with AFM issues and figured they had this stuff worked out by now. Good grief
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