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  1. 1995 Yukon Help

    What’s a good resource - potentially a book - that explains how this 4WD (and other electrically assisted mechanisms) works?
  2. Can I join this club with a new to me 2007 Yukon XL Denali? “Upgrading” from the old faithful 2003 5.3L Yukon XL, and I’ll be having lots of questions about all this new fangled technology I’ve got myself into.
  3. Yukon XL is the ultimate road trip vehicle. Our 2003 with the captains seats has served us very well approaching 400k, so well we just bought a 2007 with 200k. Actually, the 2003 ride is much smoother, possibly due to a suspension upgrade by the original owner. The 2007 is a 6.2 Denali with AWD, so it feels different. I’ll probably be poking around here for any advice and cautions on how to squeeze as much life out of the ‘07.
  4. 4x4 issues

    Is it the floor shifter type?
  5. Paint Opinions?

    What's your question? Color, paint type? Are you thinking of taking it somewhere or DIY?
  6. 105 A is all I could find for the 95 Tahoe 350 over the counter. For the 2003 Yukon, I find a 105 and a larger (130?) option.
  7. 95 2500 alternator made an awful sound when AC was on at idle speed. Replaced the alternator. You also may want to observe the idler to see if it's bouncing. But, it sounds more like a fuel/throttle issue, reacting to the added load of the AC at low RPM's. (I have no idea of how any of that works.)
  8. 95 Tahoe Sport - yep. That's about as hot as I've seen it. I like all my gauges in the middle - makes me feel like everything is normal. But the temp never gets there. I guess it's better than past the middle.
  9. Enough about Photobucket, back to the AC. After coming up empty on a repair kit, I got a M6-1.0x20mm hex cap screw and reassembled the clutch including the single shim washer I found when I took it off. I pulled the A/C COMP relay and jumpered the contacts 30-87; clutch didn't pull in. So I took the clutch plate back off and removed the only shim. Repeating the test got a positive response this time. I cranked it to make sure the clutch wasn't rubbing when not engaged, then pulled the screw once more to add blue Loctite. Got my fingers crossed it will hold through the season. My guess is this procedure was done already by the previous owner due to the lack of more than one shim, minus the Loctite hence the lack of the screw. It was difficult to tighten the screw as the shaft turns freely. I could have done a better job with an appropriate strap wrench, but I had to settle on using my relay jumper to engage the clutch and praying the Loctite holds.
  10. 2003 Yukon XL front of AC compressor - looks like a bolt is missing, which might explain why the clutch isn't kicking in every time. What size bolt goes here, and should I also have shims?
  11. Is that a wrap? If so, it's awesome. Or did that thing take a long dip in the ocean?
  12. 2003 Yukon XL... I found a couple of YT videos of various ways to shim the air gap... going to take a crack at that in the AM.
  13. After reading all the posts in a few threads, it looks like I have an AC compressor clutch issue on my 2003 Yukon XL. I went to go tap the clutch and felt my screwdriver drawn to the magnet. A little tap and it engaged. So now what can I do to make it through the SC summer? This one is pushing 400k miles, so I don't want to replace anything major.
  14. 2003 Yukon. Replaced the throttle body pigtail, soldering the connections and sleeving each wire with waterproof shrink tubing. Nailed it, many miles ago.

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