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  1. My dad in law has a 1971 GMC Sierra with a 350ci and turbo350 3speed trans. For as long as he has owned the truck the starter has made an awful grinding noise at start. The truck will start and runs fine but man it hurts your ears to crank it. We’ve removed and added shims to try to resolve it and bought a “new” starter that the local shop swore was the right one for it, but it doesn’t help the issue. From some short research it seems that GM had several starters for this year model for some reason. If anyone can help us find the right part number for the correct starter or any other possible answers, we would greatly appreciate it Thanks, Brandon
  2. The shocks are the Monroe OE Spectrum. I talked with the mechanic that has done all the work to my truck, and he said I did have a tire that had high road force and that was more likely the cause than the set of shocks that he installed. I have 2019 Silverado wheels with new michelins on the truck. I definitely can't swap out the shocks again just because I "think" that's the problem.
  3. The monroe shocks were installed by a mechanic and ordered to the spec of the truck so I'm not 100% sure I need to change the shocks again....it's only been 3-4 months since they were installed. Issue was there before the replacement and after.
  4. Truck is stock. The shocks that were installed are not the same as the OEM off road shocks. I believe they were a Monroe shock. I don't remember right off.
  5. Maybe I'm just OCD, but I've had everything checked out well regarding wheel and tire balance. Road force balance, new shocks, new rotors, new drums, new brakes front and back, new sway links. But my truck continues to have a poor ride quality. What I mean by that is it has a constant "bounce" from the front to rear while driving. I expect a rough ride on a poorly managed road, but this issue is present on fresh pavement in my truck. That's the best way I can describe it. I've tried to video it while driving but the movement is hard to capture via a mobile phone. Any suggestion what anything that should be inspected further? I did have misfire issues awhile back but that was resolved (i think) with a new EFI kit. Thanks, Brandon
  6. I went with the rebuild at factory spec. Changed it myself in about 30 minutes and back in business
  7. I'll check on pricing for that around here. RockAuto has the 105Amp alternators for $97
  8. I probably will be replacing the head unit in the near future so I can play audio from my phone. I did speaker upgrades on my old 96, and that was a difficult task as the trim pieces were very fragile and I have several of the claps and trim pins break on me and the rear speakers are a pain to replace. I doubt I would ever run an amp or sub as I'm just not in to that.
  9. I haven't upgraded anything yet. I just thought it may be a good idea to have the extra output in the future. My truck is completely stock.
  10. Well, my alternator kicked the can this week so I need to replace it...I am wondering if I should go for the higher output 140AMP alternator instead of the stock 105AMP. Any downside to going to the higher amp'd alternator on my truck? -Brandon
  11. Thanks, I believe he mistakenly ordered the 2WD links...
  12. My father in law has a 1994 Z71 that needs new sway bar links...what is the correct AcDelco part # for these? We see several different #s listed on Amazon even when filtering out parts that "fit" the 1994 model
  13. If that doesn't help for some reason....check your fuel pressure, fuel filter, fuel pump...etc. Engine fuel mix may be off by another cause.
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