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  1. Can anyone confirm if Weather Tech floor mats from another year model Silverado will fit the 88-98 model? Such as maybe from the 99-02 model? I know on my other truck, Toyota Tacoma that an earlier model (2004) will fit my 1999
  2. Traced the ground this weekend, looked like an old hot wire for my camper top brake light that had corroded or making bad ground. I removed it since I do not use the camper top. Issue has not returned so far
  3. Bulb has already been replaced since the previous bulb had some burn spots. I added some grease on the contacts and the main connector cable for the right side housing. I can bump the housing or hit a rough spot while driving and it will start flashing again but 5 minutes later, its back to no flashing. The front right bulb hyperflashes due to the intermittent rear bulb flashing. I did replace a brake booster recently and had to disconnect the brake switch and reconnect it. Would this cause this issue? I can't think of any other changes recently that would have caused this to start happening. Thanks, Brandon
  4. I recently saw a video of someone swapping the door chime in a GMT400 with a '92 camaro door chime and the sound less annoying than the stock one in the GMT400.... Does anyone have a list of compatible door chimes with part#s for our GMT400s? Thanks,
  5. Oddly enough, after filling the truck with anti-freeze I have not had any trouble with starting when the temps are at or below freezing in the mornings....I ordered a new starter but not sure if it is needed. I have not changed anything else or even checked the current starter (tap w/ hammer)
  6. My 97 K1500 will not start at all if the outside temp is near or below 32F. Initially it seems my starter is weak, as the voltage meter is low when I turn the ignition switch. I hear the fuel pump engage, lights & radio work just fine... but when the key turns, nothing happens. Once the temps rise outdoors, it seems to crank without issue. I did add some antifreeze as it was low, but I don't think that was the issue. The alternator (reman) & battery are fairly new (under 1 year on the truck) So I'm thinking to replace the starter, should I go with a direct drive starter or the gear reduction starter? -Brandon
  7. Got the booster replaced finally, and all is well again!
  8. I am able to remove the master cylinder without any issue, I'm just struggling with removing the interior nuts at the firewall. I may have to find a ratcheting wrench or something to get them off. I also don't have a proper pry tool to remove the brake light switch clip
  9. My 1997 Z71 has a bad brake booster and needs replacement..I attempted to do it myself, but I am struggling at removing the brake light switch from the brake booster "plunger". Any tips or tricks that you know to make this replacement easier? I just don't want to break the clips on this thing and have to get another one...
  10. Look at AuxBeam, LASfit, or Sylvania and Philips If you want the factory style fog lights, look on LMCtruck.com. You would need to wire them in and change the bulbs to led
  11. My dad in law has a 1971 GMC Sierra with a 350ci and turbo350 3speed trans. For as long as he has owned the truck the starter has made an awful grinding noise at start. The truck will start and runs fine but man it hurts your ears to crank it. We’ve removed and added shims to try to resolve it and bought a “new” starter that the local shop swore was the right one for it, but it doesn’t help the issue. From some short research it seems that GM had several starters for this year model for some reason. If anyone can help us find the right part number for the correct starter or any other possible answers, we would greatly appreciate it Thanks, Brandon
  12. The shocks are the Monroe OE Spectrum. I talked with the mechanic that has done all the work to my truck, and he said I did have a tire that had high road force and that was more likely the cause than the set of shocks that he installed. I have 2019 Silverado wheels with new michelins on the truck. I definitely can't swap out the shocks again just because I "think" that's the problem.
  13. The monroe shocks were installed by a mechanic and ordered to the spec of the truck so I'm not 100% sure I need to change the shocks again....it's only been 3-4 months since they were installed. Issue was there before the replacement and after.
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