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  1. Just what I needed to see! Thanks I haven't seen many GMT400's in that color
  2. Guys, I recently acquired a set of 2016 Silverado 18" wheels from a friend...and would like to have these on my 1997 K1500. The stock size for the wheels is 265/65R18 which I know will fit under my truck...but I am wondering what the maximum tires size would be for an 18" wheel on the GMT400s just in case I decided to get larger A/T tires.
  3. I have a bad actuator on my 1997 K1500 HVAC. it's the one directly behind the Blower motor assembly on the passenger side. I removed the faulty part and inspected the gearing and found that the main gear is nearly broken in half. Just wondering if the following part is correct: Air Vacuum Actuator Thanks, Brandon
  4. I've checked the truck several times, no foreign objects found...
  5. As the title states, I am picking up an odd smell coming from underneath my truck after I drive it a reasonable distance.... Smells similar to hot glue or something of that nature....could it be a bad bearing somewhere or joint? Any idea what it could be? I don't see any fluid leaks anywhere... Thanks, Brandon
  6. Yeah it gave me a good scare the other day with on-coming traffic....
  7. Can you assist one where this is located? I've just started looking for videos on where to troubleshoot this...
  8. My '97 K1500 has suddenly started to have an odd steering issue that I've never experienced before. I explained the issue to my mechanic that has been working on the truck for various things recently and he believes it is the EVO in the power steering. Basically what is happening while driving....I will be going straight down the road and suddenly the steering wheel will move to the left or right without warning. Of course this is not being caused by rough roads, etc....this is occurring on freshly paved highways and no incline.... Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem before? -Brandon
  9. The issue is with #16 for me. Maybe it’s not as difficult to replace it as the others are.
  10. On my 1997 Silverado, my A/C suddenly stopped blowing cold. Mechanic checked for leaks, none found. After checking, i started hearing various noises inside the cab near the blower motor, after further listening and inspection it appears I have a bad actuator (or whatever the piece is that is right next to the blower motor portion). Is there a specific part number that I need to look for to replace it? Thanks, Brandon
  11. Update: After investigating multiple issues, it was determined that the fuel injectors were bad, distributor cap and rotor were also bad, and had a minor coolant leak. Fuel filter was also replaced. Those have been fixed/replaced. My trucks seems to be much better now
  12. Sadly, I replaced my coil....issue still there. The mechanic that gave me the advice looked into the problem further and he suspects a bad fuel injector as the truck only does this at certain load and when the engine is wanting more fuel....Gonna try some fuel treatment to see if the injector is stuck....if the problem persists.....it will be new injectors and pressure regulator. Seems to be a common issue on these engines
  13. I'm having the same problem with my 97 5.7L, and a reliable mechanic told me to check the ignition coil. Sure enough it is cracked and I can see where it has been cross-arcing. I have new parts from ACdelco on hand, just trying to find time to replace it and see if that improves things.
  14. Mine is having similar issues, but has actually given code P0300
  15. A mechanic friend of mine is thinking the torque converter is bad

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