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  1. Thanks, I believe he mistakenly ordered the 2WD links...
  2. My father in law has a 1994 Z71 that needs new sway bar links...what is the correct AcDelco part # for these? We see several different #s listed on Amazon even when filtering out parts that "fit" the 1994 model
  3. If that doesn't help for some reason....check your fuel pressure, fuel filter, fuel pump...etc. Engine fuel mix may be off by another cause.
  4. Clean your mass air flow sensor properly....my 97 was still misfiring and that resolved it.
  5. My 1997 z71's dash has a loose portion underneath the two 12V ports/cigrarette lighter port where the flip down covers are...I've tried to look for a missing screw in that area but have yet to find where it would go. Anyone know if this part is held on by a clip or screw? I can hold my foot on it or put a piece of paper behind the dash and it will quit rattling....but I want a perm fix.
  6. An update: mechanic had time to look over a few more things as we were able to throw another Check Engine Light. Misfire on Cylinder 3 only while having the throttle wide open... He changed the EGR valve....some improvement....said to run cleaning agents through the fuel system several times and it may clear itself up since we had to change the fuel injectors previously. Also, the front rotors and rear drums were beyond needing replacement so that was done. May be doing a shock replacement as well to smooth out the ride. According to him, the truck has improved while he has had it for about a week.
  7. Update: shake has returned but at a higher speed and RPM than before all the parts mentioned were replaced. Now I'm curious if it is suspension/driveline/brake related.
  8. Am I the only one that notices how bad the GMT400s "hop" when slowing down? Mine does it every single time around the 45-50mph mark. it stops once the truck is slower than 45mph. I do feel the brake pedal pulsing while this occurs so that seems to be the ABS system. Is there any remedy to make this smoother on a 97 K1500? Thanks, Brandon
  9. I looked there first, but the only black bowtie i could find had the red outline, which I don't want. I'm looking for a solid black bowtie.
  10. I recently mounted a set of 2019 silverado wheels on my 1997 GMT400. These wheels have black bowties on the center caps and I think it would look very nice to have matching bowties on my truck. I haven't been able to find a valid source that supplies guaranteed fitment of Black Bowties for the grille, and door panels. Would it be easier for me to just find some covering material and cut out the shape and overlay it the best I can? Similar to doing a decal on the body? If you have done this on your truck, any help in tracking down and actual part would be my preference. Thanks, Brandon
  11. They were separate. The 96 truck and my current 1997 GMT400 both have two catalytic converters on two down pipes from the engine so it can be true dual setup if you wish.
  12. My previous 96 K1500 had (2) single in single out flowmaster 40s on it and they sounded great.
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