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  1. Lt 2500 crew cab long bed gas 4x4, with plow prep, 3561# payload
  2. I have the weathertech mud flaps front and rear. They make a big difference on keeping the spray down on the sides of the truck, and super easy to install. Well worth the money
  3. I just put steps on my 2500 hd. A lot of the aftermarket were listed for 1500 as well as 25/3500. They mount to the rocker and it appears the GM kept that part the same. Factory I am told there is a difference in how low they hang below the body. Other than that those are even interchangeable
  4. I have hand calculated mine both towing and regular driving. I have been surprised that the computer has been within .3 to .5 each time. Towing a 35 foot 8500# bumper pull toy hauler i only average 7.5 at 65-70 range. Non towing around 16. I also only have around 1000 miles on it so I'm hoping things might improve over time.
  5. Yes, according to what the GM order guide has printed
  6. Diesel is base 5600# on both, gas can very by cab and bed size, but for the most part they are the same standard according to the order guide. There are a few exceptions to that. Lightest possible(mainly standard cab)is 4800#, no added package is 5200#, though the long bed crew cab jumps that to 5600. Not trying to confuse you but that is the way the book shows it,
  7. It depends on what package you get, camper, snowplow, etc. Some 2500's have the same bar as the 3500's. My 2500 has the 5600# front which I believe is what is standard on the 3500's
  8. 20 miles pre test drive. 30 at delivery. I went on a few different roads before I took it back. ?
  9. The LT uses the same 40/20/40 seat the custom does except it has a compartment that opens, so you could keep the truck as a 6 seater, i would think you only need to change the seat back/armrest section but I don't know how easy it unbolts from the seat part
  10. Also not keeping the tires at the max recommended PSI when not towing makes a BIG difference in the ride. After one day I let 10 out of all tires and made it ride better. So far no TPMS light
  11. That upgrade is high on my list along with color matching the chrome grill bar and hood vent. Thanks for the info.
  12. I went with 2500 8'. The 2500 has plenty of capacity for my needs but I prefer the 8' bed because I can put an ATV in the bed and still be able to tow(and I feel that a longer wheelbase rides better). I ordered the truck to my specs as finding a 2500 long bed crew cab on the lot that was an LT was not common. Had I been shopping off the lot and found a 3500 I would not have turned it down, most of the extra capacity is a separate set of overload springs.
  13. Good color choice. Yes I upgraded from a 1500, looking forward to the towing abilities compared to the old truck.
  14. Another option we use at work because everyone looses adapters. We wire in a separate female plug on the trailer with the 4 pin coming out of it as a male plug. this way you have to have the 7 pin male plugged in and it is protected from the elements. Little extra work but somehow that is a system they haven't broke. Had some operator error when they forget to plug the other one in but that didn't surprise us??
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