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  1. Hey guys, I see you guys have a lot more experience dealing with dealers. I would like to get some suggestions... So I went to test drive a 2020 High country LTZ with pretty much all the option with MSR $75,400. The sales person said there’s no discounts to offer at the moment but they are willing to sell it to me at their price $70k with 0 down or 3-5k down. What are Your thoughts?
  2. Rear ended a SUV. Car was totaled cuz frame damaged. Bday running boards and 325 tires brand new
  3. My 2019 TrailBoss is history . Im currently in the market for a new truck and digging this new 2020 HDs
  4. 325/65/18 with 1/4 spacers on all four. If you go with smaller size tire or less aggressive you won’t need spacers.
  5. I looking to add 1-2” lift on my 2019 TrailBoss with factory 2” lift already. Any direct plug and play lift kits available yet?
  6. VHT hight temp spray primer & paint (3 layers of each)
  7. -Oil change (Mobil 1 0w-20+ OEM oil filter) -Painted skid place (red) -Installed N-Fab running boards
  8. I wish the dealer cleaned the oil well before handing me the car. Very disappointed
  9. So to achieve this sound you need to delete 2 thing (muffler and 6 screen on piping by spare tire)?
  10. Old tires 275/65/18 DURATRAC 45.8 lbs New tires 325/65/18 Ridge Grappler 74.2 lbs Fitment is flushy BUT 1lb unsprung > 3-4lb sprung . I might upgrade to lighter rotors down the road MPG has dicreased from 22.2 to 17-18.5
  11. I did go over the oil leve days after and to me it looks like it’s missing more thn 1/2 quart
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