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  1. i want to attempt 37s but I’m scare to have rubbings lol
  2. I wonder if 37s are doable on stock rim? I have seen with leveled kit and aftermarket wheels.
  3. Left the game from 2019 TrailBoss to 2020 High country Duramax
  4. I keep thinking the same every time I see it lol NFAB running boards are on fit like glove just like on 1500
  5. For sale: 325/65/18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers (3 tires). This tires were on my 2019 TB, they are less thn 2 month old... truck was on accident and got totaled. Asking $800 plus shipping OBO
  6. Hey guys, What’s up?! I’m new to the 2500HD world, I used to own a 2019 trail boss, got totaled a few weeks ago and now own a 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD High Country Diesel. Oh boy I’m broke now but VERY satisfy with the big upgrade . Im doing some things on it this week. Xpel on entire truck (just like on previous), installing N-FAB textured black (took them off my 1500 and yes they fit the 2500 like a glove), 35”/37” tires on stock wheels and Opti coat . Oh boy Im going to be super broke now lol Picture of my old bae
  7. I thought all 2020 Chevy 2500hd came with 20” wheels. I’m going to try to fit 37s on stock wheels
  8. Well I said good bye to my 2019 TrailBoss a few days ago. Frame got diamond and insurance totaled. Stay safe out there boys
  9. I believe its around the same mpg as previous generation?
  10. Hey guys, I see you guys have a lot more experience dealing with dealers. I would like to get some suggestions... So I went to test drive a 2020 High country LTZ with pretty much all the option with MSR $75,400. The sales person said there’s no discounts to offer at the moment but they are willing to sell it to me at their price $70k with 0 down or 3-5k down. What are Your thoughts?
  11. Rear ended a SUV. Car was totaled cuz frame damaged. Bday running boards and 325 tires brand new
  12. My 2019 TrailBoss is history . Im currently in the market for a new truck and digging this new 2020 HDs
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