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  1. Site is not letting me download all at once. I apologize for all the post
  2. I have vision 20x10 -25 with Nittos 37”.13.50 and had to remove front fender mud flaps, do some modifications to the bracket that holds the mud flap and fendEr liner and trim the plastic under the bumper. I have been looking at rought country 3” lift kit. I might end up doing sometime this summer
  3. Is it legal to have all of this mods now with New EPA laws?
  4. i want to attempt 37s but I’m scare to have rubbings lol
  5. I wonder if 37s are doable on stock rim? I have seen with leveled kit and aftermarket wheels.
  6. Left the game from 2019 TrailBoss to 2020 High country Duramax
  7. I keep thinking the same every time I see it lol NFAB running boards are on fit like glove just like on 1500
  8. For sale: 325/65/18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers (3 tires). This tires were on my 2019 TB, they are less thn 2 month old... truck was on accident and got totaled. Asking $800 plus shipping OBO
  9. Hey guys, What’s up?! I’m new to the 2500HD world, I used to own a 2019 trail boss, got totaled a few weeks ago and now own a 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD High Country Diesel. Oh boy I’m broke now but VERY satisfy with the big upgrade . Im doing some things on it this week. Xpel on entire truck (just like on previous), installing N-FAB textured black (took them off my 1500 and yes they fit the 2500 like a glove), 35”/37” tires on stock wheels and Opti coat . Oh boy Im going to be super broke now lol Picture of my old bae
  10. I thought all 2020 Chevy 2500hd came with 20” wheels. I’m going to try to fit 37s on stock wheels
  11. Well I said good bye to my 2019 TrailBoss a few days ago. Frame got diamond and insurance totaled. Stay safe out there boys
  12. I believe its around the same mpg as previous generation?
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