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  1. Old tires 275/65/18 DURATRAC 45.8 lbs New tires 325/65/18 Ridge Grappler 74.2 lbs Fitment is flushy BUT 1lb unsprung > 3-4lb sprung 😟 . I might upgrade to lighter rotors down the road 🤔 MPG has dicreased from 22.2 to 17-18.5 🤗
  2. I did go over the oil leve days after and to me it looks like it’s missing more thn 1/2 quart 🤔
  3. Yes I did asked but as you can see the post was edited way before you guys made a comment about lol
  4. Not sure if you referring to my post but I always keep an eye on the oil level or % showing on dash. The stealer is the only place where I take my truck for services. After the incident It’s difficult To find piece lol
  5. After getting new oil cooling line i decided to keep an eye on the oil level. Here’s where it sits now with 25% showing on dash. Is my engine burning oil or is there a leak? 🧐
  6. 2019 TrailBoss Rotors & Brake pads

    I still wish to upgrade rotors at least to improve stoping power
  7. Amen! Bigger tires and no tire noise 🤪
  8. Yes, I was able to fit them after installing the spacers. If the sidewalls weren’t knobby I could get away without wheel spacers and they tires are flush. Old tires were donuts for sure lol
  9. Truck came with 2” lift from factory. I didn’t modified suspension at all.
  10. It was bath day today
  11. 2019 TrailBoss Rotors & Brake pads

    I went over brake pads this weekend and front pads have plenty of life 60-75%. Dash is showing 15%
  12. Full photo of the truck with 325/65/18 on OEM rim, 1/4 spacers & 2” factory lift
  13. Just installed 325/65/18 on stock rim with 1/4 spacers all around. Side note: Front tires did not clear the control arm with this tires (nitto ridge grappler) aka bumpy walls . So installed the spacers.
  14. I’m liking those running boards.
  15. Has anyone in here done 325/65/18 or 35” on TrailBoss with 2” lift from factory? Thanks!

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