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  1. Simple solution. I'll definitely do that. I prefer doing this rather than modifying the truck. Thanks.
  2. Can't get that either because the 3500 have have trailer camera plug together with the 7pin plug. If I remove that to replace it with a 7pin + 4pin combo, I lose the trailer camera plug.
  3. I can't convert the trailer to a 7 pin because there are 2 other people that I share that trailer with and they don't have a 7 pin on their trucks.
  4. Anyone with a Sierra 3500 knows of a mod to add a permanent 4 pin plug on the truck. I'm currently using a 7 pin to 4 pin adapter for my trailer and I keep losing it so I had to buy it 3 times already. I need a permanent solution so I don't need the adapter.
  5. Cool. It looks like what I'm looking for but it also look like it can't be put on top of a bed cover. Can you confirm if it can or cannot go on top of a bed cover? I have the BAK Revolver X4 Eonneau Cover.
  6. Does anyone know of a tie down accessory for the bed rail other than the crazy expensive Putco ones? I have tie down rings in the bed walls but they’re not accessible whenever I’m loading a lot of stuff in the bed. I used to have the Bull Rings for my F-150 and it worked wonderfully. I’m looking for something similar to it.
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