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  1. Let me know how the ride quality is for that kit once you have it installed.
  2. https://www.jackit.com/zon-c48n-c49n-gmc.html Has anyone use this lift kit or know about this lift kit? I'm trying to find a good lift kit. I know it's more expensive than the Rough Country, but I can't seem to find another lift kits that lift 3" in the front and about 2" in the back. I have read some of the other forum about lift kits quality and I agree with some of the people who saids that you need to go with quality for an 80k truck and that's where I'm at. Anyways, I don't know too much about lift kits quality or brands so any info on this one or any suggestion would helps. Thanks in advance.
  3. I didn’t know it would be so cheap to replace it. I would rather replace that entire top tailgate and paint it. Thanks a bunch you guys.
  4. You are correct. I knew that, that's the reason why I came on here to ask if anyone knows if there's something like this that would work for my truck.
  5. I need HELP. Just got a dent on my 3 months old truck. I dented the tailgate. It's too expensive to repair so I need something to cover it. I looked everywhere online and couldn't find anything. I found this tailgate cap for the Silverado. I would love to get something like this. Does anyone know of one for the Sierra HD? Or any mods to cover up the dent?
  6. Simple solution. I'll definitely do that. I prefer doing this rather than modifying the truck. Thanks.
  7. Can't get that either because the 3500 have have trailer camera plug together with the 7pin plug. If I remove that to replace it with a 7pin + 4pin combo, I lose the trailer camera plug.
  8. I can't convert the trailer to a 7 pin because there are 2 other people that I share that trailer with and they don't have a 7 pin on their trucks.
  9. Anyone with a Sierra 3500 knows of a mod to add a permanent 4 pin plug on the truck. I'm currently using a 7 pin to 4 pin adapter for my trailer and I keep losing it so I had to buy it 3 times already. I need a permanent solution so I don't need the adapter.
  10. Cool. It looks like what I'm looking for but it also look like it can't be put on top of a bed cover. Can you confirm if it can or cannot go on top of a bed cover? I have the BAK Revolver X4 Eonneau Cover.
  11. Does anyone know of a tie down accessory for the bed rail other than the crazy expensive Putco ones? I have tie down rings in the bed walls but they’re not accessible whenever I’m loading a lot of stuff in the bed. I used to have the Bull Rings for my F-150 and it worked wonderfully. I’m looking for something similar to it.
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