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  1. Hello, Would an 02 1500 4x4 work? I know the design was "tweaked" in 03 but the cabs were the same right? Scott
  2. When I say "Through the Vent" Of Course removing the interior trim and pulling back the carpeting on the rear wall. Sorry for not being clear. Through the Firewall would work Also, The way Niners routed his is very good, I do run wires that I add with bundles or factory wiring and I always use new Wire looms, that's cheap insurance for protectionn of the wires to prevent any chafing. Good Luck
  3. OK, The back of the cab has a Plastic Vent in the Center a few inches below the rear window. I unbolted the Bed, Jacked it up a couple of inches then fed the video feed wire from the camera (I did wrap the wire with some chafe resistant tape) The Wire actually slid right in the vent. From there I went around the window and followed the cab Interior light wires and went to the mirror. My 02 Silverado Extended Cab I did similar, Through the Vent(there are 2) under the carpet to the door jam plastic molding up to the drivers side foot well over to the center behind the dash and console to the video jack of the Stereo. I over Thought it for a while, I am not a fan of drilling holes in my vehicles, but it was easier than I made it out to be. I do regret getting a single din stereo in the s10 but... I am near Augusta, Ga. Evans. Moved here from Long Island, NY 17 years ago and I won't EVER go Back!!! Scott
  4. DNA, both my 95 base s10, and my 02 silverado 1500 I went in the cab vent with the back up camera wire and got the 12 volt power from the reverse light wire. In the s10 I hace the video in the rear view mirror so I went around the back window and up in the headliner to the mirror. Works like a champ for 5 years now.
  5. Spiney, Those Look SWEET! Next Time I redo Mine that's the way I will go!. Thanks! DNA, My Drivers Door "Detent" is worn out! door closes on me all the time. Without replacing the Whole Hinge Assy. I don't know what else to do. I am Living with it for now. Scott
  6. Found them on CL. they were a little rough so I Polished them and then painted the recess black. I did clear them with a "wheel" clear and now they look like poop! I Re-Read your Post and Forgot that you are working on a First Gen. these wheels should still work as the 5 lug pattern is the same for all s10's. Mine had the original steel 15x7 wheels so 16x8 was not a big deal. I have seen 1st gens with 15" and 16" wheels all over the place. I think you would be fine with 15x8, or 16x8. any bigger might might take some mods. Mine is lowered 2" with spindles in front only. I did put a blazer front sway bar in it, and ZQ8 Shocks, It handles a whole Bunch Better. I Like factory wheels that's why I bought the Irocs. aftermarket has plenty of choices.
  7. I Have 1985 Iroc-Z Wheels on My 1995 s10. 16X8 I have 1.5" Spacers on the Rear, Only to locate the Wheels outboard due to the Camaro wider rear axle and offset on the Wheel. The Only "Problem" I have is I cannot "Rotate" the tires like normal because the wheels are Labeled Front and Rear and will not fit if swapped. Other than that I have no Issues, Of Course My 2.2 probably doesn't put out enough torque to Hurt the rear axle.
  8. What Year Canyon? My son has a 2020 4wd v-6. Yes it pull 7k pounds but the actual payload is Way Less. If you have the Owners manual it should tell you the actual truck payload. Google will probably direct you to GMC which would be the truth. anytime you pull a trailer you should be using the "Tow/Haul". OK, I actually went on the GMC website, Max Payload for a 2019 is 1524lbs for 4wd. If you Have that much in the truck I would be using the Tow/Haul mode. It changes shift points, keeps the trans from locking the converter in Overdrive. I would say if you use Common Sense you will be OK. Good Luck, Scott
  9. My 2002 Silverado had the same issue 2 years ago, The Paper Cone Factory Speakers were done! Turned to dust just removing them. I did call Crutchfield, They have Never let me down, However if you have an Autozone near you they stock Kenwood Speakers for 40 bucks a pair. You could try that first, I've never had factory speakers sound better than Aftermarket Speakers until the last 10 years or so.
  10. Summit Racing Doesn't Have Smooth Steel Wheels?
  11. Niners, Yes, I Have "Test Leads" about 4' long with alligator clips for applying Voltage to things. I have seen on another forum that vehicles that have the airbag light on and the horn doesn't work then the Clockspring is the culprit. I can get by without the horn, I just don't like the Airbag light... I sound Ignorant But I don't want that thing popping in my face while I'm driving! I have a list of things to fix on my 27 year old S10 and Yes, I remember the good old Vehicles with Metal dashes... I also remember My Dad's 1967 F100 straight 6 three on the tree, Power nothing, and a Crappy rag joint that had to be replaced twice a year cause when it went I took out a guardrail and 3 sections of someone's fence before I could get it stopped!
  12. Niners, I replaced the whole wire harness that is in the dash with a Pull-a-Part Harness from another 95 including the Fusebox. That still didn't fix my horn issue. P.O. had a "system" in my truck and must have used the Horn fuse, Melted the fusebox all around the connectors! Anyway recently the Airbag Light has been coming on right after start-up but not all of the time. I have using this vehicle as a daily for now being that gas is stupid. I will have to address it soon though. Thanks For the Thoughts, I will follow up with You when I get it fixed! Scott
  13. Good, Glad you got yours fixed. Fun Driving older vehicles!
  14. Spiney, Sorry, Not trying to Hi-Jack your Thread. Niners, I appreciate any advise you can throw at me. Scott
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