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  1. 2015 Silverado Dash Rattle

    I created this account just to add my issue. I had all the above loose bolts. Still could not stop the rattle, vibration metallic sound. After taking most of the drivers side dash apart. To include removing the gauge cluster, fuse panel, driver side air vent, lower dash panel all having loose bolts behind them. I also stuck foam in between all possible moving parts i could see and wiggle at all. My issue was the 120 power inverter. Its mounted on the right side of the steering wheel( or left if you are looking up at it). It has the only orange cable(you can see the cable in one of the pictures above) running to it. It was 100% making the vibrating metal sound “harmonic” at times. There is one nut fastening it to part of the dash frame(at the top there is a “hole and latch” ) once you remove the nut, you must tilt the inverter towards the firewall and up and it will come out of the top “hole/latch”. I took some 1/4 inch foam weather stripping and placed it inbetween the mounting bracket and dash frame. I did not tighten the nut all the way down but made sure it was tight enough to eliminate any metal on metal vibration. I hope this helps someone. I was losing my mind. It took me countless tesr downs looking for loose shit.

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