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  1. Yes, I was very pleased. Thank you all for the info, suggestions and tips.
  2. So today I took a drive and my early Christmas present…engine light off on its own!!!!! I guess the anti foulers worked and I don’t even have to feel too bad about the actual environmental impact because it has 2 brand new cats doing their thing, just not CARB cats…what a journey
  3. I spaced the sensors out with modified non foulers…how long should it take for the CEL to go out if this is effective?
  4. so I can expect an efficiency code until procuring and Installing a CARB cat?
  5. How would I determine this if in open loop? Regarding exhaust, yes it’s brand new manifolds, gaskets and cats/ y pipe…I replaced them all thinking my cat efficiency code was due to exhaust leak.
  6. Here is video starts at idle then about half way I rev to 2k and hold at 2k and here is only idling both are after a drive so everything is up to temp
  7. Any Thoughts/feedback on O2 readings? I can get more data if that would help
  8. Ok took these today…this is after 20 min drive so everything is up to temp.
  9. Funny you are posting this, and it’s leading me to think my federal emissions cats are not the issue. To your question above, from my research the CARB cats may not be any different at all, but require the mfg to warranty them to 8 years / 80k miles so probably many mfg don’t seek the CARB certifications. This would also be supported by your experience with federal magnaflow cats working fine.
  10. Thank you! This is both encouraging and frustrating . do you think I could 1) flash the vehicle to match the non CARB cats I have? 2) space the sensors out of the exhaust? if replacing cats is my only option so be it, but figured I would inquire about all options before proceeding, especially if there’s even the slightest chance that the CARB cats would not eliminate the codes.
  11. Sure, I took this when i was confirming which tccm I needed when the 4wd went out
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