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  1. Thanks man. I'm still in the honeymoon stage, going on 3 months now!
  2. I paid right under 59k for a 67k Denali Ultimate in October. Had to travel a few hours to Tennessee to pick it up
  3. Great so far. I can't really tell the difference...even passed the Wife Test lol.
  4. Thanks man. I'm hoping to find a 2" rear drop shackle to level it out. Whipple SC coming after the warranty lol
  5. Thanks. I've had a few LP cars but this is the first truck. The 305/35 tires give it a little more cushion around the wheels edges so I'm hoping for the best.
  6. So far so good. Even passed the wife's "will this mess up your truck" test.
  7. Picked up my 19 Denali last month and have been loving it since. Here's a few pics...
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