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  1. I have noticed over the last couple of days a pump or whirring sound 2 or 3 seconds after shutting my engine down from a highway drive (2019 AT4 6.2L). It lasts for just a second or two but it is very pronounced. Anyone else see this same issue? I did read somewhere that when you open the door after the truck sets awhile you will hear the fuel pump priming which I do hear. This sound is very similar but higher pitched and louder.
  2. I have both on my AT4 with the 6.2L. I have had several compliments on how good the truck sounds. Nice rumble on a cold start and loud enough for me when you step on the gas. Quiets down nicely when you get up to speed on the highway though.
  3. Mine was built last week of October. The dealer decided it was air in the brake line left over from the build . Bleed the brakes added new fluid and reset the code. So far so good but time will tell.
  4. Setting at the dealer right now. Bought a new AT 4 yesterday. Started it up this morning and the service brake assist light pops up.
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