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  1. Looked through the existing topics but couldn’t find an answer. Does anyone know the wheel nut torque setting for a 2019 Silverado 1500 High Country? My manual says 140 lbs. Is that too much? I had the tires rotated at the dealer today and he said they torqued them to 110 lbs. I wonder which is correct.
  2. My mistake. When it's in Tour mode there is no icon on the DIC. All the other modes have icons like a trailer for tow, and a race flag for Sport. So as long as I don't down show an icon I assume it's in Tour mode. If that's the case it's defaulting to Tour. Thanks!
  3. 2019 Silverado High Country. Does anybody know if there is a way to make the ride mode default to "Tour"? Right now everytime it starts it defaults to "Tow/Haul". It would be nice to have it stay on the mode you use most often.
  4. I found it. I was looking for the setting under settings on the touch screen. It's on the DIC controlled by the steering wheel buttons. All my info shows fine once again.
  5. Nope. Not there. I guess it's gone for good. Really disappointing. I had the lane assist, following distance, and a nice big black n white speed limit sign. Now all I can get is very limited info if I want to know the speed limit. I hope they bring everything back soon!
  6. Can you please explain where you found that screen for the HUD display? I've looked everywhere and can't find it. Also, there used to be an adjustment for the HUD display to move it, tilt it, etc. That's now gone too. All I can do is raise and lower the HUD display.
  7. Oh wow didn't realize that. Thanks I'll look into that!
  8. Well, today my HUD display changed to: my speed above a horizontal line. Up until today I had my speed and the black and white speed limit sign. I scrolled through all of the display options and it's not there any more. Anybody else?
  9. Thanks but I'm not expecting ice ice cold seats. When I first got the truck new the seats worked way better than they do now. The cooling was very noticable. Right now, at the start of summer no less, you can't tell the difference whether you have the switch on or off other than the fan noise. And I've ran it for miles waiting for a cooling effect. Nothing. That's what makes me wonder about a computer problem. Hmm.....
  10. These ventilated seat just aren't working. I hear the seat fans spinning but no cool air coming through the seats. I did a remote start today after letting it sit in a parking lot for awhile and the AC didn't come on and the ventilated seats didn't come on either. Pretty much worthless right now as far as I'm concerned. There's nothing cool about them. I wonder if it could be a computer glitch. Great idea, wish it worked.
  11. Oh! Ok. I'll try it in the sun tomorrow and see if the seats go on with a remote start. Also good to know that the seat lights don't go on and you have to turn them back on once you press the IGN button. Thanks!
  12. Ok I found it, that's great, but I tried a remote start and the ventilating seats don't come on automatically even though I have the option checked. Hmm.... Do you have to leave the AC and seats on then turn off the engine, exit the truck, then do a remote start and the AC and seats will automatically come on?
  13. Thanks for the reply but I went to comfort and convenience and it's not there. I'm wondering if I don't have the right program for my truck.
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