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  1. Update: Had the new fan installed yesterday and nice and quiet now.
  2. Update: All is well. Picked it up from the dealer yesterday and everything works once again. The service mgr really didn't know what the tech did but he mentioned a "revised" update for the recall so I assume that's what fixed the issues.
  3. Update: I drove it around for an hour and still have sketchy Lane Keep Assist meaning the icon only turned green for about 20 seconds total, then went white. The steering correction feature (I don't know the official name) only worked when I crossed the center line once in a great, great while. It never corrected when I crossed the very well marked shoulder line but it used to correct when I crossed either the center OR shoulder line. Also the following distance button on the steering wheel doesn't work and the Traction Control button on the center stack doesn't illuminate and one more thing, the Lane Keep Assist button on the center stack illuminates and won't shut off and is inactive, it doesn't do anything...... eye yi yi yi.... I think we are in for the long haul on this recall. I wish I never had them do it. Taking it back to the dealer today for more experimenting.......
  4. Well, I took these instructions with me and now I think my Lane Keep Assist works.....kinda. Drove it home and the icon turned green, thought all was well, no sooner thought that and the icon turned back to white which I assume means it's not active. It blinked green a couple more times then went white for good now. I'm going to drive it around more today at the proper speed for it to learn and see if it kicks in for good.
  5. Well, the noise and vibration is in fact worse now so I took it back to the dealer and they said they ordered a new fan for it so I'll keep you posted on how that turns out. Just wondering, does anyone know for sure how they get to that fan in the seat back? 1st work order stated they removed and cleaned it and then reinstalled it. How? I didn't see any indication that anyone got into the seat. I wish there was a schematic of the seat somewhere so I can visualize this. I've searched, got one microscopic rough drawn picture that you can barely see.
  6. Same here. Took my 2019 High Country in to the dealer for 3 software recalls and after that my Lane Keep Assist didn't work amongst everything else that depends on the front camera. Took it back to the dealer yesterday and now Lane Keep Assist works.......kinda. I understand that they have to put it in "Learning Mode". So I drove it around for awhile. The icon shows up on the HUD and the center stack button is illuminated now. However, the icon on the HUD turned green and I thought it was all fixed. As soon as I thought that, the icon turned white which means it is deactivated. It blinked green a couple more times and then went back to white and never turned green again. I'm going to drive it around some more today and see if finally gets situated.
  7. Thanks Rocz3cqg! I've printed this out and am taking it to dealer tomorrow so they can refer to it.
  8. Man, I hope not. I wonder how a person can tell if the front camera is in " Learning Mode". Maybe mine is and I just don't realize it? The button on the center stack is inoperable, wonder if that means the camera is too until it "Learns"?
  9. I took my '19 Silverado High Country to the dealer Friday for 3 recalls. Now I don't have any driver assist features including Lane Keep Assist and the Following Distance feature. So I think they bricked my front camera also. Taking it back in Tuesday.
  10. Ok. I took it to the dealer for the fan noise/vibration issue and on the work order it stated that there was seat foam in the fan itself causing the noise etc. Removed the fan and removed the foam and reinstalled the fan and all is good now.
  11. Yup. Under warranty and completely unacceptable. Got an appointment in 3 days to fix/replace it.
  12. 2019 Silverado 1500 High Country, the other day I turned the cooling seats on and the fan in the back of the drivers seat made a continuous loud noise and hard vibration. Has anyone else had this happen? Looks like the fan is more or less sealed inside the seat back leather. I'm wondering if I bring this in to the dealer, how they will tackle it.
  13. Looked through the existing topics but couldn’t find an answer. Does anyone know the wheel nut torque setting for a 2019 Silverado 1500 High Country? My manual says 140 lbs. Is that too much? I had the tires rotated at the dealer today and he said they torqued them to 110 lbs. I wonder which is correct.
  14. My mistake. When it's in Tour mode there is no icon on the DIC. All the other modes have icons like a trailer for tow, and a race flag for Sport. So as long as I don't down show an icon I assume it's in Tour mode. If that's the case it's defaulting to Tour. Thanks!
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