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  1. Very rare rub noted on passenger side fender inside of lower molded flap on sharp right turn only when going up a slight curb or bump. Otherwise no issues
  2. One more picture center front fender edge 40 1/2 inch rear 41 3/8 inch
  3. Just put Nitto Grappler G2s on my 2019 Sierra SLT this weekend 285/65/20 on factory rims to replace the original 275/60/20. Really fills up wheelwell better as it is 1.6 inch more in diameter. Really like my stance now with the GM Accessories lift (aka Trailboss/AT4 Lift) and Rough Country 2 inch leveling lift.
  4. I really dont see a concern with CV angles on this set up. I think the components switched out with the 2 inch GM Accessories lift make it less of an issue. I put the ProComp 2 inch leveling kit with the top strut plate and lower plate also did rear blocks on my 2015 Sierra and had more concerns with that application than this set up on my 2019
  5. 2019 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab X31 Off Road GM Accessories 2 inch lift (AT4/Trailboss) Rough Country Leveling Lift (1311)
  6. leveling a trailboss

    For all those out there asking about leveling the AT4 and Trailboss let me share my experience. Recently purchased a red 2019 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab 4x4 with X31 Off Road Package. Had dealer install the GM Accessories 2 inch lift so basically made the truck the equivalent of an AT4 or trailboss. With the help of a friend I added the Rough Country leveling lift ( 1311) which took less than 2 hrs. Local shop did a simple alignment check and tweak for $50 I really like the new stance and fairly level appearance of the truck. Still need to figure out plans for wheels and tires

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