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  1. 2014 Step Bumper Install on 2012

    I had to trim the black plastic that wrapped around the corners of the bed. I also had to grind a piece of metal on the inside of the end steps so it didn't rub on the bed. Otherwise fit good and is nice to have the steps.
  2. Victory Red Thread

    Here's my 13. Just took moldings off, and ordered black Silverado emblems and a black z71 decal.
  3. Thanks guys, i think i'll just match the back and go with the 4600.
  4. I'll probably go with the 4600, thats what i put on the back and i don't need to raise the front end, i don't want to lose gas mileage. I heard from several ppl raising there fronts decreased gas mileage some. I kind of like the raked look.
  5. I know this is a 14-18 section but it seems to get the most traffic. I have a crew cab z71 13. I just installed bilstein rears and was looking to upgrade the front shocks, but i'm worried the bilstein will be to stiff in the front. I drive on the highway to and from work about 50miles each day and really don't go off road. I don't believe my truck has the cheap rancho shocks everyone hates. I do tow a smaller trailer at times and do use the bed of the truck for hauling thats why i went with the bilstein 4600 on the rear. thanks
  6. Thanks. Nice 70. My friend had a red and black 70 too.
  7. Thanks. Here's a pic of the car behind the personalized plate.
  8. Here's mine. I have a 68 chevelle.
  9. Put a 2014 bumper on my 2013.

    Notch I had to grind out.
  10. Just finished installing a 14 bumper on my 13. Man is it nice to have the step in the bumper. I was so used to it on my 02 avalanche. Not quite a simple bolt on like ppl say. Had to trim the corner plastic a little, and had to notch out some metal behind the corners so it didnt rub on body. Then had to grind a little on the hitch so it didnt rub bumper. But brackets fit perfectly. About 2hr job taking my time.
  11. 2014 Step Bumper Install on 2012

    Thanks for the pics.
  12. 2014 Step Bumper Install on 2012

    Thanks for the pics.
  13. I'm looking to install new rear shocks on my 2013 z71 crew cab. It's all stock. I like the look of the 5100 and less chance of rusting but I heard the 4600 ride smoother? Which would be a better choice?

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