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  1. I don't have the DIC dome, but in the Trip reset button, the setting for reprogramming the remote control does not appear. For the trim, in the tailgate have SLE emblem, but if I go in the GM Parts Headquarter, and enter the chassis number in the search bar it appears to me that it is a WT trim.
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to insert the remote keyless and remote start on my GMC Sierra. currently, I only have the key without a remote control. Is it work feasible or can not be done? RPO GMC - TRIMS.txt
  3. Disable TMPS System

    But need to keep it in the obd2 socket, or after the "reprogramming" I can remove it?
  4. Disable TMPS System

    Yes, drs611 it's 2007 model. I read on the internet that in America it is illegal to disable the tpms system, but I don't have this problem because I live in Qatar. The tpms don't have a little separate ECU, or are "inside" the body computer (BCM)?
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to disable the tpms system because I do not have the tpms valves. And every time it annoys me to see the light and the onboard computer giving an error. Thanks
  6. I also want to convert my pickup with the manual gearbox, I have the 6.0 2500hd. I found this post (LINK) long ago in another forum, where there is this gentleman who converted from automatic to manual. maybe it is something feasible even for the next model (I hope so much ). I'm waiting for someone more experienced too After a quick search on google, I discovered that maybe it can be a feasible change. But the fact remains if there is space for the clutch pump and if need to make changes to the transmission shaft between gearbox and transfercase
  7. Adding a second horn

    Exactly seckels, I also added the second horn and found the cable under the airbox attached by a clip
  8. Flashing "delay"

    my pickup is 2008 (gmt900), it is not the classic version
  9. Hello to all guys, I have a "problem" with the flash of the high beam. If I want to flash a car forward, even if I immediately release the lever, the headlight stays on for a second. Do you know how I can solve? Thank you
  10. I have a 2500 model, but have the "denali" bumper Thank you all for your answers!!
  11. Hi everyone, I want info regarding these two types of bumper: Why the second photo has the "little mouth" in the chrome bumper? Thank you so much, and best wishes for a happy new year

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