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  1. I went with the Readylift 2” level with no back spacers and am very happy. Probably need the lights adjusted down a little.
  2. Does anyone know if the headlights can be adjusted down on the 2019 Silverado? I recently added a Readylift 2" level with larger tires and my lights are blinding some oncoming cars. The tire sop was not sure how to do it on the new models.
  3. I’m about to add the 2” suspension upgrade to my 2019 Z71. It currently has the 20” LTZ rims and 275/60/20 Dueler AT tires. Does anyone know if a slightly larger tire will fit after the suspension lift? My understanding is it lifts 2” front and back to mimic the trail boss suspension. I would like at least a 275/65/20 tire. If anyone has done the oem lift and has pics I’d love to see them.
  4. I’m about to purchase a 2019 LTZ Silverado. First time I’ve bought a new truck in 15 years so pretty excited. Trying to figure out whether I need a small lift. I really like the way the attached truck looks. Can anyone let me know if this truck has a lift and what tires are in picture? Thanks in advance!
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