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  1. Recently I decided to order a CAI and programmer for my truck and wanted to try a different programmer. I decided on 5 star because their customer service was great and they had the best price around for a package that included an intake. I installed an AFE Stage 2 dry filter intake. Installation was a breeze and there’s noticeably more noise and there was a little more throttle response before tuning it with just the CAI. Had to hit the local auto parts store because I put a clean side separator on the truck aswell as a JLT catch can. Needed some 5/8 hose and a vacuum cap. Next I installed their 5 star BDX tuner. I ran the canned 91 octane tune with some adjustments and DOD turned off and WOW what a difference with just a regular tune. It definitely pulls my trailer much better not in v4 mode and helped out the shifting. I drove like this for around a week before installing my custom tunes. Custom tunes arrived a few days later because I didn’t have access to a windows computer right off so that was the delay on receiving them. You must have a windows based computer to get your stock tunes and send them to them. I got the 91 performance, 91 performance-tow, and 89 economy. It’s like a whole different truck. It’s ridiculous. The crazy difference in power, shifting and throttle response that just their custom tuning provided. The 91 performance tune makes the truck feel like a sports car honestly. The shifts are firm, it holds the gears as it should and this thing really moves. The 91 performance-tow is amazing aswell. Does great pulling, super firm shifts and the truck is very responsive and powerful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a custom tune but wanting to save a little money. You get free tune adjustments for life too so later down the road you can add more mods and be tuned for it. Not sure if they’re having the sale still but the prices were unbeatable too. They offer other tuning options aswell but I decided on the BDX. I’m happy with my decision and would recommend anyone on the fence about it to do it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I’ve got a JLT Catch can and installing my new CAI and custom 5 star programmer on my truck and wanted to get a clean side separator before I install my CAI. Who here is running a clean side separator and could you post pics or experiences with yours? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I had the pleasure of getting hit from behind with a guy who gave bogus info and no insurance. There would have been over a 2 hour wait for the police to arrive since the weather was bad. I was thinking of getting an aftermarket rear bumper from Rough Country possibly. Seems to be pretty reasonable and I could install it myself. Just wondering if anyone had any pics of aftermarket rear bumpers on their trucks. Truck is a 2018 Silverado z71 CC 5.3 Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  4. oh man that's just what I was looking for! do you have any more pics? how do you like them so far? I think they're slick looking wheel on the truck!
  5. I was curious if anyone here is running 2019+ wheels on their 14-18's. I found some black 18'' trail boss wheels off a 20 model. They are 275/65/18. Are they a direct fit or how do they look? Is anyone here running that setup? I'm aware the tire pressure sensors are different but mainly just wondering how they'd look. Thanks!
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