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    2018 Silverado LTZ 4x4 Crew Cab
  1. Considering selling my truck.

    Get a buy offer from Vroom (Texas Direct Auto). I've sold them 3 vehicles and they'll pick it up at your driveway from anywhere in the country. Generally speaking, they've been super competitive. $2-4k higher than bids from any other dealer I've worked with. Takes less than 5 minutes to submit the request on their website and they generally send you the offer within about an hour. As others have said, take it back to stock and sell your goodies locally. They won't do squat if you sell or trade in at a dealer.
  2. For that dealer listed above, I've purchased multiple warranties from Denny.... Here's the most recent quote I got from him for my 2018 Silverado CC 4x4 LTZ back in June. Good luck on beating his prices! (Price on far right is what you pay, he usually has a promo going) Miles and months are added from start date. Must be within 36k miles and no more than two years older than current model year for these prices. In other words....it doesn't cost anything more to purchase brand-new versus 2.5 years old and 30k miles.....but you gain extra miles by buying later since we it is additive, at least that's my opinion.
  3. 2018 Chev LTZ 4x4 Short Bed
  4. Good bye ford

    Bought a 2018 LTZ CC 4x4 with sticker of $55.4 for $38,000 (before tax) in June in McKinney, Texas. That's 32% off. Sold it for $42,500 in August. Bought a second 2018 LTZ CC 4x4 with sticker of $55.2 for $37.9 on XMas Eve. Agajn, 32% off. This time in Denton, TX. These were both no haggle deals, prices clearly posted online. Dealers didn't add any B.S. charges. The deals are out there. Just got to dig a bit.
  5. Stock 20" chrome wheels from Texas Edition and 2" Southern Trucks front level.
  6. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2018 LTZ 4wd CC (took delivery on X-Mas Eve) Iridescent Pearl White/Cocoa/Dune interior. Mods thus far: OEM Chevy Black Bowties, 2" front level kit (southern truck), 35% front tint, spray-in bedliner, Bak G2 hard tonneau cover, OEM-like chrome 6" rectangular running boards from eBay, Rhino chrome exhaust tip, and a self-installed Suntek PPF kit on partial hood, fenders, headlights, and mirrors.
  7. I replaced my 2015 GMC today

    Different truck than the OP....GMC and Chevrolet run different published promotions and factory to dealer promotions. Bottom line is that several of the published rebates dissapeared on 1/2/19 for 2018 Silverados. Good for the OP to hold the dealer to advertised pricing. I noticed the Z71 LTZ here in DFW didn't have quite the discount as the LTZ 4x4. While shopping for mine the best I saw was around $13-14k of of finance with GM to get the additional $1500 rebate. I pulled the trigger on mine (LTZ 4x4 CC) on 12/24. 54,765 sticker, paid $37,999. On Jan 2nd all of the remaining stock went up by roughly $2-3k when the Chevy Employee Pricing special expired. This was true for at least 4 dealers I track here in the DFW area. No BS, straight internet pricing dealerships.
  8. I replaced my 2015 GMC today

    If this was last week I’d agree....a ton of the incentives expired on 1/2/19. All things considered, $13k off “today” is a pretty good deal. I think you’d have a tough time finding $15-16k off sticker now that the employee pricing promo is over. Dealers don’t sell at a loss (very often)....those massive lots aren’t free!
  9. Got my Leftover 18 Silverado

    Right there with you, great deals to be had (again)!!! I pulled the trigger on a 2018 CC LTZ 4WD on 12/24. Sticker was $54,710, paid $37,999. $1500 GM Finance Rebate (will be paid off immediately after I get the first bill), $500 Costco discount) and $1250 Auto Show bonus here in North Texas. As good as this deal is, I got a slightly better deal on an almost identical truck back in June. 2018 CC LTZ 4WD with a $55,265 sticker for $38k. My new one is Iridescent Pearl White ($995 options) whereas the other one had a sunroof and brake controller. I was bored on a rainy day back in August and started getting buy/sell bids online from some of the major Texas used car dealers (Vroom/TexasDirect/Carvana). Got a cash purchase offer for $43k with 6k miles on it. Simple to say, I took the tidy profit and moved on to a Mustang GT for a few months. Loved the 'Stang, but just too small and not practical with two kids. Happy to be back and the mod bug has hit.... 2" readylift level installed ($300), spray-in liner installed ($339), front windows tinted ($59), OEM black bowtie badges installed ($80 via eBay), Bak G2 tonneau installed ($399 from Walmart.com). OEM-like 6" running boards on order and should arrive Wed ($137 via eBay). Suntek Ultra 24" PPF kit on order for hood, front fenders and mirrors ($140, will install myself).
  10. Low Profile Tonneau Cover Recommendations

    Maybe I'm a bit old school, but I still like the Bak G2 hard trifold. Just picked up a closeout 2018 1500 CC LTZ 4wd on X-Mas Eve and snagged a manufacturer refurbished Bak G2 for $399 from Walmarts website with no tax and free shipping. Took it through the car wash yesterday and just a small amount of water at the tailgate corners as well as a small amount in the front corners. Had this same setup on an almost identical 2018 earlier in the year, traded in the truck and also sold the G2 on C/L. Regretted the decision and came back to the bright side.....

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