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  1. 2020 L5P

    This is the probably link you're talking about. We have several 2020 L5Ps here being torn down right now for inspection.
  2. Brent, email your contact info to [email protected] I'll call you, answer any question you have, and we'll make sure you get into the FB group.
  3. 2019 a-pillar gauge mount

    Did you get into the group? I don't see any pending requests to get in. If I see your name pop up, I'll be sure to approve it.
  4. 2019 a-pillar gauge mount

    Brent, the Derringer is an inline tuner, not a programmer. An inline tuner intercepts signals between sensors and alters them before sending to the ECU. The ECU and TCM are unaware that the data is being altered and change their calculations based on the information supplied by the sensor data, which again is being altered. Again, the ECU is unaware of the presence of the data-altering module. Hillwood is correct above where he points out that the TCM records high torque peaks. But it doesn't matter and here's why. To have your warranty voided, your engine or trans must suffer catastrophic failure then the techs must be able to determine that it was caused by the Derringer OR one of Banks competitors, of which there are a few. Here's an analogy. You leave the garden hose 1/4 open to slowly fill the flower pot in your. You walk away and come back a few minutes later and it's full to the rim. Based on past experience, you know it should have taken much longer to fill that huge flower pot. Did your neighbor open the nozzle to full for a moment, fill the pot, then close it down to 1/4 again while you were away? It would appear so, but you don't have video cameras in your backyard so you're left with no proof, just circumstantial evidence. If you're still on the fence, I recommend you join the Derringer Owner's Facebook Group and ask any one of the 800+ members. All are real L5P owners like you with real-world experience. Ask them then make your decision. Cheers.
  5. 2019 a-pillar gauge mount

    Brent, the interior trim panels did not change in 2019 so the pillar mount will fit.

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