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  1. I agre and no you cant get diagnostic on a generic .. I had just jumped to my conclusion witch tecks had told me that my torque converted would have ro be replaced .. Also i just draind my fluid and trans .coper Shavings are found in the fluid . ? Though of using stop sleep fluid till it gives out ..then fix .
  2. Yes it has first service was done 50k .. Second was done at 95k ..
  3. If has just about 100k
  4. Hell guys tha thanx for that help narrowing down my problems no more check ingine hasitation and hard shifting on 2/3 gear .are still there ..been srinving in manuel mode once shifting in to third i get lac of powere high rpms Which makes me think is the trasmission starting to sleep on does gears every othere gear is smoth no problem at all Code p0308 no longer stored or light coming on did replaced thay specific coil witch took away the problem Will be taking it to a transmission specialist for this Thanks everyone. For them opinions/help
  5. I will swap them out and see the change. Thanks for all the replys
  6. Yea i will just do t ha e the found to take to a dealer .. Need question anyboday with issues lime this . Thanks
  7. No i di t not changed the spark plug wored but yes did reply the spark plugs a around.. Yes did replced coil on #8 Still having same problem othere thing i can think of could be injector .
  8. Thatnks for the reply and no i ha e not replaced the wire on #8 I had the #8 just cleard code Check inguine light haven't poped up yet But sure can fill the hesitation and hard down shifting or shifting on #2.3 and speed vearies
  9. Hello i had just put up a post ..on 2014 silverado hasitation hard shifting seems like miss fire smothly pressing on the peddle hasitation at 70 75mph Also at varies at difrent speed first code p0308 came up .. Replaced coil and spark plugs Truck has abput 100k on it. Need some help on trouble shooting the problem I repostes this up againg new to the forum dont knw how to work this
  10. Ok thanks i will look in to that after work good thing i have the scaner with me will resset the code .. Coil #8 and spark plugs replaced at 95k.now has 100k ..clean intake and throutle about 6 months ago will check that out once again. Thanks will get back with info of anything changes. Somme times it does ot at 1700rpm wen pressing the gas pedal softly. Could be at between 50.and 65 mph
  11. Hello need some help troble shooting . Have this issue wen driving lack of powere or hasitatio at 70-75 mph and wen in to shifting . Just replaced spark plugs and coil #8 whitch i had a cod p0308 Any othere ideas pleas help thanks

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