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  1. i replaced the brake pads and rotors multiple times, vacuum pump, master, booster, rear calipers, abs pump. i also bleed the brakes over 10 times. some the old pump and hold and some with the gm tool. i still can't get the brakes to work as they should. what the hell do i do next.
  2. As much as i agree with you that steel beaded lines will with some spongy pedal feel, they won’t help me. I replaced all the above and bleed over 5 times how the service manual say to bleed the system and i still can’t get the truck to lock the wheels from 10mph. I would like the truck to work as any other Tahoe out there without/before making any kind of upgrade like that.
  3. 2015 chevy tahoe ltz with 22'' 100K. brake pedal is soft and the car doesn't STOP after driving for a few. hit the brakes and the car rolls to a slow stop. Replace master, booster, vacuum pump, different pads and rotors now im down to drilled slotted rotors to try and dissipate some of the heat generated. car stops on a dim when everything is cold but not after 2 or 3 hard stops. i replaced all the fluid and now running dot 5.1 thinking im boiling dot 3 and 4 but still same issue. all 4 calipers put well over 4000psi of clamping force when cold but can't check it when its hot. picked up a used abs just to try it but i doubt its gonna be it however im running out of options or things to replace.

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