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  1. Hmmmm that’s a good question. If the rain stops I’ll crawl under there and take a look. At least the running board took the damage and protected the door and outer rocker.
  2. Hey all, Looking to buy a passenger side factory running board for a ‘17 high country, crew cab. Some knuckle head decided to hit my side and dent and scrape a 1ft section of the running board. I’m located in RI but willing to pay shipping if the price is right. Anthony.
  3. Woah, why wouldn’t they do this from the start? Can you take a couple night time comparison shots and post them?
  4. Spoke with my local dealer on having my transmission flushed with the newer spec’d fluid which was scheduled for tomorrow. dealer called me yesterday and has to postpone per gm orders until a gen 3 fluid arrives. Service manager stated that this is the third series fluid and will only be done if gm allows it after submitting the pico scope results. Also the new fluid is being sent to warmer climate states before the northern cooler states so I will be stuck waiting for a few more weeks. I’ll let everyone know how I make out once and if I pass the test.
  5. Hi there, completely normal. Avoid keeping it in 4wd on dry pavement while making tight maneuvers.
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