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  1. Its a full grille replacement. Pretty easy swap after watching a couple YouTube videos
  2. Productive weekend. Got new tires put on (ridge grapplers 275/60r20), swapped the stock SLT grille for a Denali grille and got the range AFM device put in
  3. I’ll be interested to see how that works for you. I had one but it had some circuitry issues. when you had the taillights on while hitting the brakes and turn signal, it would flash the whole bar instead of just one side. Hoping they got that worked out. Was a good bar otherwise
  4. I just put this kit on also and curious on tire suggestions
  5. Put in the motofab 2.5”/2” kit. Happy with the results. Will put some ridge grapplers on when these wear out. Just have to figure out what size when that time comes
  6. very nice. i was trying to decide how i was going to level mine. this gives me a good idea. nice truck by the way. mine is very similar
  7. traded my '16 silverado in for an '18 Sierra. loving the GMC and the 6.2L so far.
  8. traded my '16 silverado in for an '18 Sierra. loving the GMC and the 6.2L so far.
  9. I’ve had both styles. Currently have these same AVS lo pro style and very pleased with them.
  10. I’m wondering the same things as you. Hopefully someone can shed some light for you (and me)
  11. I am really glad and really upset I found your build thread. My ‘16 LTZ is very similar looking. I built my own “bed slide” and added lights in the cap. I am due for new tires and had the ridge grapplers on my short list. How have you liked them? They look great on yours. I haven’t decided with what size I’m gonna go with since I have 22” wheels I also like the stance you have going on. I have the RC bottom spacer in front and the 2” rear block but was considering adding the top spacer for a bit more height in front and maybe a 3” block in back.
  12. do you happen to have a side shot of this or any other views? My truck is the same color as yours and was considering adding a ranch hand and wasn't sure how the black would look with the the tungsten & chrome. Couldn't decide between a black guard or a polished stainless.
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