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  1. i have one on my sierra. works as advertised. install was fairly easy. followed a youtube video
  2. Added a light kit to the multi pro tailgate. Got this one on Amazon vs the GM kit at half the price and larger LED modules
  3. I haven’t messed with them yet but two trips in the dark after the install and I haven’t been flashed by oncoming traffic yet so it’s either not too bad or the shop adjusted them already. I’m gonna keep an eye on it and adjust if necessary
  4. It’s pretty close to level with just a tiny bit higher in the back. Here are my before/after measurements to the wheel well: Before Front left 36.5 Front right 36 5/8 Back left 39 Back right 38.5 After Front left 39.25 Front right 39.25 Back left 40.5 Back right 40.5
  5. My ‘21 Denali. Added RC 3.5” lift, nitto ridge grapplers, undercover flex tonneau cover, tinted the windows.
  6. Got the 3.5” RC lift kit installed on my ‘21 Denali. Should help with the ground clearance hitting the woods and the ride is just like factory
  7. Got my 3.5” kit installed this week. As others have said, ride is just like factory and gives me the stance i was wanting
  8. @bell1658 is this the RC 3.5” kit for the ARC suspension I’m assuming since you have a high country? I’ve been wanting this for my Denali. Thoughts on it?
  9. Post pics and thoughts when you get it installed
  10. Traded in my 2018 GMC Sierra SLT (w/ Denali grille) for a 2021 GMC Sierra Denali. Dealer gave me more than what I paid for the '18 a year and a half ago so it was hard to turn down. Loving the new 10 speed. Scheduled the window tint this week. Kept my Ridge Grapplers from the 18 and will swap at some pint. Probably end up doing a level kit along the way as well.
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