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    2016 Z71 LTZ
  1. Grille and headlights are stock. '16 Z71 LTZ. tires are Nitto Ridge Grapplers 305/55/20 on 20" american outlaw wheels. 2" front level kit.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Thanks. The steps actually line up perfect and i use them. I had the factory chrome running boards on before. A bit of a PIA to install the center brackets due to sh*tty instructions. Worth it though, as I think the look is sportier then the running boards.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Rough Country 2 inch front level block, American Outlaw 20 inch wheels, 305/55/20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers, Westin HDX step down bars.
  4. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    Had the transmission fluid replaced 2 days ago. So far the shudder issue is corrected. Time will tell, thanks everyone for the info.
  5. Had this issue. Took to dealer on Monday and they replaced the transmission fluid per TSB. Only 3 days but the problem is not present anymore.
  6. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    Appreciate the info. Am sure about the temp in fahrenheit, it was a cold night and the temp got to 117 deg F at it's hottest.
  7. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    have mine set of fahrenheit
  8. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    FYI, went to local dealership and explained to the service manager this issue and he immediately confirmed that the fix is flushing the transmission fluid and replacing it with a different type of fluid (not sure about all the specs). Am having this done Monday morning and will report the results some time next week. BTW, also getting nitto ridge grapplers 305/55r20 installed, truck has rough country 2 inch level up front. Also noted that the issue really wasn't present until the transmission fluid was at least 88 degrees or warmer.
  9. Shudder/Vibration Issue

    New to this forum. In regards to this subject, is the shudder that some are experiencing feel like as if you were driving over rumble strips (wake up strips that are on the side of road)? That is the shudder that I am having. Seems more RPM related then mph as it will happen at speeds around 65-75 mph or speeds around 40-50 mph. When it happens and taking foot off gas pedal (coasting) it goes away and may or may not return. I though i read somewhere that it could be the throttle position sensor. Thanks is advance to any responses.

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