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  1. Thanks, I guess I'll leave it as is, and just try to order a new fob from dealer. What I paid for this one it's not worth paying them to try to fix it and be unsuccessful and have to order a new one anyway.
  2. Hey thanks again for the reply! My glove box has both ATH and BCM I am attaching a photo, because I dont know what I am looking at. Edit: key fob model number is the same as my original, Ebay seller also said it was for a 2015 yukon xl denali
  3. Hey man thanks so much for the reply. The steps you listed are what is listed in my owners manual and they work perfect for my original keys. I suppose my question now is, does the key fob have to be programmed to the vehicle before the vehicle can be programmed to the fob? Example, can I take my buddy's denali fob and program it to my vehicle following the steps you listed? Or does the fob itself need to be coded to my vehicle before I can program it to the vehicle filling the steps listed. From what I am reading I believe it to be the latter, just sucks cause there is not explanation of this in the manuel. I called the dealer today and they said the weren't positive but they believe if a fob is programmed to a vehicle that it can not be reprogrammed to another. Is this the case?
  4. I purchased a used rke for a 2015 yukon denali. I followed the instructions in the manual to program but with no success. I then decided to do the 30 min program and wipe all the keys and start over. I was able to program the old keys back to the car but the new key was not recognized by the vehicle at all. Does the key need to be reset or cleared? Does anybody have any ideas? Right now I have a 60 dollar key chain :,-( Not so happy about that, all the articles and the manual dont say anything about restrictions. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. GTPprix, I have a 2015 yukon denali xl I would like to upgrade to have the capabilities to have android auto as well as play video from my phone to the rear entertainment. I do not want to lose any current functionality (ie steering controls, standard nav turn by turn on HUD/Dash, etc.) What do I need to purchase, I visited the site and denali cluster and radio upgrade were unavailable for purchase. Thanks! @GTPprix
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