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  1. @scrapen Just wanted to say, thank you for recommending the Vibrant and the videos you posted. Added LTs to my truck and swapped to the Corsa Touring from the Sport at the same time, and it was still just so dang loud. Especially cold starts and shifts. Didn't expect that, really thought the Touring would tame it. Found this thread and slotted the Vibrant in right before the muffler, and wow! It is absolutely perfect now. To me its even more throaty/tougher than just the Corsa Sport w/ stock manifolds. Thanks again!
  2. @M1ck3y Figured so! Thank you! Just gonna have to be careful rolling around.
  3. Just installed some ARH headers and catted Y-pipe on my 2015 (great quality!) but feel like the Y-pipe is really low and I've got a lowered truck. Wanted to compare with others. Anybody else with this setup look comparable? Tried adjusting a few different ways but it's always just a bit lower than the cross member. It is a bigger diameter pipe so just might be the way it is. From the right: From the left: And just because these suckers are beautiful and crazy good quality... bam!
  4. @silveradosid Perfect! Thank you! I have a knack for breaking things when I take them apart so this puts me at ease.
  5. Total newb question, but changing the pinion seal on my 2015 1500 because it was seeping. Got the seal off and there is this small opening looking into the differential. Is there where the fluid comes in? Seal was PITA to pop off so wanna make sure I didn't break anything. Nothing goes in here like a lock ring or anything right? The new seal doesn't seem to have a specific side or anything, so just assuming when the fluid is at the right level, this is kinda the passthrough from the back of the diff. Thanks for the help!
  6. And someone had asked, but yes indeed the factory driveshaft has cardboard inside it. I believe this is used when forming the driveshaft.
  7. Thread revival! Sorry folks, forgot to come back here and post my updates. Truck is a 2wd for those who asked. I did get the truck fixed and actually took it as an opportunity to finally get the truck looking how I want it. (I've owned the truck since 2016 and really never done any appearance mods.) So to fix the driveshaft, the 2-piece from Performance Drivelines is legit! Got that sucker bolted up right away last spring! My local dealer was actually very helpful looking through the parts diagrams until we found the right fuel lines. I had cut #3 and #4 in this pic. Good news was they were small lines and I was able to snap in the new ones without dropping the fuel tank! Part numbers: 23248011 and 2272357 For the driveshaft, they have a "stock height" option and a "lowered" option. I knew I wanted to lower the truck some day so went ahead and got the lowered option. However driving that with the truck still at normal height, was a good bit of vibration on "moderate" acceleration. Parked the truck again, ordered up the Belltech drop kit! And here it is, reborn with 3/6 drop, 24" replica wheels, and debadged! Wheels are honestly a bit too big for me, so probably gonna step down to 22" at some point. Also did High Country grill and wrapped the bowtie. Looking just like my old 04 Blue Silverado that I regret to this day ever selling!
  8. 3.42 gears, was in the 95 - 100 range. (I do have the speed limiter turned off.) Starting vibrating like crazy, let off... boom. I thought my damn exhaust had come undone. Yeah, not quite I have no way to prove this, but a week or 2 ago, I ran over something big and metal (looked like a big metal door almost) in the dark on the way home. Tons of construction where I live so God knows what it was. Super loud though, I just assumed it hit my Corsa muffler. Got under the truck to check and everything was fine, but I didn't really think to inspect the driveshaft. And if there was damage, it could have been spun where it was on top and wouldn't have seen it anyway. So again, no way to prove since it's trashed now, but this was the first time I drove the truck at high speeds since then. I just wonder if there was damage/crack and it broke loose. I have 2 other high powered LS cars so I kinda forget to slow down when I'm in the truck. So anybody got the 411 on those fuel line part numbers? I may be swinging by the dealer tomorrow to see if they can pull something up. Thanks!
  9. Hell of a first post. Anybody ever had this happen? I get a reward right lol? Well, I got to going too fast and my driveshaft decided to grenade itself. Had no freaking clue this was a thing. (Definitely not the first looking online.) I always thought the driveshaft looked beefy. Turns out, it's a damn 6ft long beer can . Well, in the process of when that happened, some freaking how, the back half of the driveshaft reached up, bent the protective fuel tank shield down, and perfectly sliced my fuel supply lines. Looks like they were cut with clippers. Carnage pics below. Does anybody have access to a drawing/schematic of the fuel lines around the tank with part numbers? I'm a 2015 Silvy LT Double Cab with 5.3. I'm coming up empty online. There's definitely 2 lines running on top of the tank that are cut. I'm hoping they are not too long and have some disconnects nearby where I can just swap in a new line. If it's a super long line, might be towing to the dealer to fix. I've got a new 2 piece steel driveshaft from Performance Driveline on order so this doesn't happen again , but gonna wait till that gets here before I start unbolting stuff. May just take the bed off the truck and inspect everything.
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