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    98 gmc k 1500
  1. 98 5.7 4x4 pickup

    http://www.southernspeedometer.com/ , they do a 48 hr return on your instrument cluster
  2. have you checked fuel , spark, codes ? , or just did a parts cannon, try ignition module moisture can get into there
  3. A/C fan issues

    sounds like a bad actuator motor , or blend door motor ,there are three under the dash, two are real pain , one not so much
  4. Adam , i watch south main auto on you tube , there are several others who do this type of diagnosis , but he says when not sure where to start get a wire diagram and do the the easiest circuit that is acting up, like a cigarette lighter or turn signal . and go from there
  5. Towing question

    Nov 17 i towed a 2010 ford escape on 2 wheel dolly from Phx ,AZ to San Antonio , TX , 1000 miles with a 98 3 door with a 5.7. and still got 14 mpg with no problems
  6. i would contact an off road shop see what you can put on your truck.
  7. it does sound like a shifting problem as stated above
  8. 3rd door

    i read your post and thought there is door handles out there somewhere , i was wrong , i looked everywhere , none to be found , i even looked up part number and it comes back as one for s10 , which does not fit. sorry i was no help, only thing left it junkyard
  9. Custom Bowtie Options

    my second guess would be ebay , and thats all i got
  10. did you look at the return spring and mounting clips ( between spring and mount ) under the dash
  11. Custom Bowtie Options

    did you check LMC parts ?
  12. A/C warming.

    could be your evaporator freezing up, as in ice forming, shut it off , i melts , run it and ice forms
  13. 97 K1500 starting problem

    he is not losing pressure , he is getting too much pressure
  14. 97 K1500 starting problem

    could te evap sytem in your gas tank be sticking closed , when you open gas cap is there pressure
  15. Custom Wiring Question

    are you needing it to charge phones and etc, just a cig plug will work, or you can buy a usb port from amazon , they have some nice ones and install yourself Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger, CHGeek 12V/24V 36W Aluminum Waterproof Dual QC3.0 USB Fast Charger Socket Power Outlet with LED Digital Voltmeter for Marine, Boat, Motorcycle, Truck, Golf Cart and More

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