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  1. Rear window regulator

    i just looked it up on gm parts website these are gm part numbers you can cross reference to , or look at gm parts direct they still have regulators with motors on thier website for about 85.00 each 15643719 Window Regulator Regulator, LEFT CREW CAB, POWER 15643720 Window Regulator Regulator, RIGHT CREW CAB, POWER
  2. Rear window regulator

    i believe front and rear are same , only way to know is to remove it and look .
  3. Rear window regulator

    1a auto has window motors for it , and regulaors for front, possibly same ones for back
  4. i see the output shaft and it doesnt look like its leaking to me , the front differential uses 80 to 90 wieght gear oil , and i dont see that here. i dont know what that green fluid is ,my advise is to clean up that area , check diff and drive it one day then look again see if you can find the drip, just a thought is your cv joint boot tore

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