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  1. i was told a deep style filter wont let shallow pan fit , so i would install filter and measure the clearance you need, as the others said you might need to replace o-ring , so good time to check it
  2. it looks like transfer case adapter to transmission .
  3. http://www.southernspeedometer.com/, they can fix or rebuild your dash cluster , if that is your problem
  4. check out south main auto on youtube , he replaced a distributor on a suburban a while back , maybe it can help
  5. on youtube there is a channel called scanner danner , he teaches others to be techs, i watched his video last night about a gm with cpi , the video is called, how to identify and repair a leaking fuel pressure regulator , its a 2 part video made 7 yrs ago , but it covers all your symptoms
  6. you either have the check valve in your fuel pump bleeding off , or an injector leaking, many videos on youtube address this problem
  7. http://www.southernspeedometer.com/ , try contacting this guy , he fixes them , hemight be able to send you in right direction
  8. i believe any upholstery shop can make you a new headliner, its just fiberboard with vinyl glued to it
  9. i agree with TW , screehing is normally a belt, fix that , then have someone run a scanner see if there are codes
  10. you wont find one for in dash you will have to settle for under dash
  11. lmc , or vintage air would be a good start, are you doing it yourself or having it done
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