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  1. Sorry for delay, wife has been enjoying one, and wanted to get them both cleaned up!
  2. My wife was not super thrilled with the idea, but Ill recoup the $ once I'm done, and who knows, maybe ill decided sooner. It deff gives me a lot of peace of mind, and I just trade out daily, its a great way to compare......Dont have the K2 picked up yet though, still at the dealership, gotta get it next week. Got our old vehicles to unload right now, and recoup some cash. Family of 3, with 5 vehicles in the driveway right now lol
  3. OP HERE......WOW, lots of action here. I have been very busy with family in town over the last week, and working all this week....just wanted to update everybody....It was my ultimate realization that I did not want to spend 60k on a new truck, and potential have some doubt as to wether or not I made the right decision, and lose all the money right when I drove off the lot. So I decided the New Sierra was out, even though I still love that AT4. its a BA truck......so after weeks of test driving multiple used vehicles....I narrowed it down to the Chevy/Sierra or the F150....Ram was out from the start. So what did I do???? I bought both,=D =D...... Ill drive them for 6months or so then decided which one I like more then sell one. =D Pics to come after my weekend of work!
  4. Dude, that looks amazing. Any issue with the front camera and calibration? Getting into a new AT4 is not looking good for me. It would be a very poor financial decision.
  5. Just referring to the fact that vehicles are not built to the same quality as they used to be, and thats just a volume issues. Could be wrong, but just my 0.2c
  6. Lol, well first and foremost I am sorry I made you sit down and read this entire thread and take up your time writing the above post. Secondly, I disagree with the method of operations your suggesting, I prefer to go into a test drive know everything single detail about the vehicle, every issues that has arisen, and how it plans to be addressed should it arise. I come here, and the ford forum and the ram forums for INFORMATION, and information is exactly what I got, and I appreciate everybody input into the matter. "NONE of it matters because none of us can give you an honest opinion on the unknown". Disagree, because as I stated before, I like going into a test drive with knowledge, knowledge is power, no matter the situation. Yes their are unknown, that comes with EVERYTHING you buy....mower, house, fridge, washer/dryer...Shit breaks and nothing is made quality any more, Why? Well, if you manufacture something that will have issues around the 5-10 year mark, you guarantee more business and revenue. FACT. Yes, I knew about the K2 issues, just like i know about the ford issues, and the ram issues, and I was gathering information from the crowd to see if others have had those issues and everybody OPINIONS on the subject, cause I can't just take what I read on Car and Drive and go with it......, Unfortunately the GM I drove, had BOTH of them at 30k miles, did it turn me off a tad, yeah...I think it would anybody.... does it mean I'm not gonna TD any more K2s, no. So, that being said, I would NOT change a single thing I have done. I would still make this post, I would still ask questions, and I would still drive other manufacturers. Cheers!
  7. How so? Im a buyer looking for everybody opinions and appreciate every bit of input I get? How is that wasted space.
  8. Yep, got my fair share of research to do on that site as well. But as others have said....I agree that all automakers in 2019 are pretty much equivalent, and your gonna get a lemon with any manufacturer. Just not the way it used to be....
  9. Welp...+1 for ford today....Went out to drive trucks, Drove a 2016 F150 Platinum, 2018 Denali, and 2019 SLT......I will say, my mind was blown away by the amount of features that I actually get in the ford. I would say ride is equivalent in all trucks. The denali, well....it was a lemon. I was had 30k miles on it, 8 speed, and the truck felt like the transmission was gonna give out at any time. Could feel every shift, and it literally jarred me while I was driving. Also tired to fold in the mirrors, and that didn't work either. Really turned me of honesty. The 2019 SLT was nice, and I LOVE the new trucks, but i am having a hard time justifying the 15k extra its gonna cost me to get into the NEW GMC, and it didn't even massage me while I was driving. I was fully expecting to hate the Ford today, and just wanted to drive it to make my wife happy so I could say I drove everything, but I was pleasantly surprised. Gonna have to do some homework regarding longevity, and other issues. I was raised in GMC, nobody in my family has ever owed anything different, but its 2019, and I think times are different, every manufacturer is gonna have its lemons.......back to the drawing bored....
  10. Get some good before and after pics! Does this do anything to factory warranty?
  11. Is this potentially only in the Chevy and not the GMC?
  12. How was your experience with them? Have looked at a few trucks on their lot, and thought about doing it....only hesitation is the 10 hours drive and the 600 miles. Did they do tax for your home state or how did that work as far as getting it registered back home?
  13. Oh I test drove a dodge....Liked it on the show room floor....hated it on the road IMO....Now, I tow nothing, but really just enjoyed the pick up of the 6.2. It was fun, and put a smile on my face. I should possibly considerate 5.3 more seriously. Random question, what is everybody thoughts on these vehicles, 2017, 2018, you see a dealer selling used with <10k miles on them. The way I see it is that........A) Its a lemon, or B) Somebody has more money than they know what to do with???
  14. Lol, thanks for all the input. Just so I am clear on the chevy shake....The truck either has it, or it doesn't correct? Is this something that will manifest with miles, or something I can pretty much get a since for on a test drive. Everybody is right, their are steep discounts on 18s right now....which is good, but here is my mentality...why get a new 18 for 40-45k, when I could get a used 17 or used 18 with minimal miles for 35-40k OTD.....One we start getting to the 45k range, I'm thinking to myself....Man, another 6k, and I could just get the 19 model. So I'm really in this boat of wanting to spend 45k-50k and get NEW 19....or just spend 35k on old and used, and get a new truck in another 7-10 years once all my student loans are paid off.
  15. Thanks for all the feed back, deff easses my mind a little. Still lots of research to be done, and see what kind of deals I can find. If I could get into a 2019 for around 40-45k, I would do it....Love the larger back seat, and the tailgate.... but also seeing the price tag on a 2016-2018 SLT premium around 35k makes me smile too, and my kids won't know the difference in the back seat right?!?!?......Im the type of person the drives a vehicle into the ground, so I just want to make the right decision.
  16. I have been wanting a truck for close to 4 years now, and finally the time is coming for me to purchase. Have spent the last week test driving the 2019s which are AMAZING but at the end of the day I sit down and wonder if I really want to spend 50-55k on a new vehicle....My other wants in life are not gonna stop. I still have other goals, and other debts, and I just don't know if its the smartest move. I can probably pick up a 2016-2018 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT/Denali trim for around 30-40k depending on miles/year/trim/engine, however....I am terrified of the K2...are they beautiful, yes...but all the reading is just scaring me...chevy shake, transmission issues. Should I be scared of the K2 generation? I know the forums are where everybody comes to talk about issues, and is not something I should base my decision off of.....Just looking for some input. Going to test drive some used F150s next week. At the end of the day, I just don't know if I wanna cough up the money (55k) for a new vehicle, as the happiness that comes with purchasing new will likely die off fast. I know I am all over the map, but I don't wanna purchase something then regret it..... I love the 6.2 is it worth it/a deal breaker to just get the 5.3?....but as my pennie pinching father says....45mph is 45mph.....Just looking for a little input from the crowd. Cheers.
  17. Gotcha thanks. Wonder is they make anything to put in front of it. I guess you just can't haul dirtbikes or four wheelers sine those things have to be pinned up against the front of the bed
  18. MSRP was 63k. This was before TTF.....The truck has more options than I want. Would really like to find a base AT4 with the 6.2, no other options and see what I could get it for. Gonna call around tomorrow, but if I can't get it for what I'm looking, may just do the base AT4 with the 5.3. After seeing the AT4 next to the SLT/denali, they just look like low riders now, and I can't get it out of my head.
  19. Welp, went a drove a Short bed today....brought it to the house....By measurements of the garage, and measurements of the vehicle I should of have 1ft 1" to spare (Not including removal of the shelves on the back wall).....barleys had 4 inches total......Even with removal of the shelves, No way a standard bed is gonna fit. Short bed it is. Unfortunately, they wouldn't budge off 56k on price for the loaded AT4.....gonna wait it out.....I don't need all the cameras and stuff. Im gonna have to compromise somewhere to get a 2019, may just have to give up the 6.2 and HUD to get into a new vehicle. I could get a 2018 cheap, but the small backseat kills me a little inside.
  20. But, the main thing I will be hauling is my dirtbike, and starting to see that I can't strap it up against revolver cover either.....BAKflip may be the way to go.
  21. This might be the way to go...Low profile, folds easy, 100% bed usage, and can still see out the back window when rolled up....
  22. So, I tried this, and you have to have an account at the local credit union.....I even told them I would put 15k down, and they still wouldn't take my money. Are their any credit unions where you DONT have to be a member and can still get a loan?
  23. Cool! Thanks for the photos! So many pros and cons to all of them, but 100% bed usage is a big pro.
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