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  1. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    I actually think it looks better with the short box, but think I would get frustrated with space as I really wanna add the retrax tonneau cover, which is gonna chew up 10inches at the front on the bed......
  2. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    They are both sharp trucks
  3. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    Its a good thought, and something that I have not considered yet. I will for sure give them a call, once I get a standard bed here at my house and show myself it will fit in the garage......
  4. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    Cause I am being super indecisive about short bed vs standard bed.....I am taking 1 day next week and just going to drive them...see how they feel. Also, I am still waiting on my tax return....I don't wanna talk numbers with a dealer until I have every penny for my downpayment. Its a good thought though....The deal would have to be good enough to justify the added headache of shipment/transfer of the vehicle across the country, if not, may just settle for the shorted thats local.
  5. Emblems

    How did yours end up coming out?
  6. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    Thanks! I am going to try and get out next week and give them a drive.....Kinda frustrated with my local dealer, they reached back out to me and told me that the crew cab AT4 was not being produced in the standard bed yet, and that it "Does not exist yet".......I sent him the link of that truck and called his BS. Still waiting on a response. Just hate that I feel like I am being lied to already.
  7. Those with the BAKFlip....how do you like when its completely folded up? Does it not cover up the back window completely?
  8. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    Sharp truck man! did you notice a ride difference in short vs standers bed trucks?
  9. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    My garage measures 19' 10" with the shelves i currently have on the back wall. If I remove those, I am at 20' 10"....I should have 1 foot and 3 inches to play with, but I have not taken a tape measure to a standers bed truck yet......
  10. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    THATS IT!!!!! Thank you! I have been going dealer by dealer working my way across the US. Now to work on the price, and see about doing a dealer transfer!
  11. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    Just gotta find one....
  12. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    Big thing drawing me to the AT4 is the higher stance....just think it looks better. Dont really tend to take it off road at all. I have a lifted wrangler on 37s for that, but I will take it deer hunting and stuff like that.
  13. How does your cover do with keeping water out with the multiple tailgate?
  14. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    I did that the other day, and they said they would get back to me....have not heard anything yet. May go up to the dealer today and have them do a search.....I just can't decided if the short vs standard bed is gonna be a deal breaker or not. I know ill be happier with the bigger bed, but can't decide if I like the look of it
  15. Specific AT4, Standard bed.

    Charlotte, NC area

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